Watch: After Ordering Brownies, Terrorist Cousins Shoot Up Eatery in Tel Aviv


Witnesses of tonight’s carnage in Tel Aviv say that the two gunmen who killed four people and wounded numerous others at the Sarona Market first sat down at the Max Brenner restaurant there and ordered dessert – “milky brownies,” the witnesses said – before going on their killing spree.

The two assailants – 21-year-old cousins from the Chevron area – were garbed in black suits.

The cousins did not touch the food they ordered, but, about fifteen minutes after entering the eatery, pulled out guns and began shooting diners.

For about 45 to 60 seconds, the pair shot their guns, wreaking havoc.


David Steger – Israel


    • We have to teach with love not judge with hatred these are our brothers and sisters. Today is not Shabbos and these innocent people were in a restaurant not at a parade. Please don’t be harsh when people have been killed and terribly hurt.

    • The murderers didn’t see their victims as mechalilei Shabbos or pro-toeivaniks; the only thing they saw them as was JEWS.
      So should we.

  1. The Torah predicts that the enemies of the Jews will torment us even on undisputed territory if we do not get rid of them from the land. Kahane hayah tzodek, aravim hachutzah!


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