Ketzos or Kezatzka?

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Agudah Live: Mr Avi Shick esq from Agudath Israel on Vimeo.



  1. Attorney Avi Schick is to be commended for the well crafted papers submitted in the Article 78 petition, seeking a judicial determination regarding the validity of the regulations imposed by the Commissioner of the NYSED on our Yeshivos; and making the various affidavits filed therein available to the public.

    However, inadvertently there may have been a pegia in the kavod of an Adam Gadol. Specifically, one of the affidavits submitted to the Court was drafted by a Revered Rav, Talmid Chacham Muflag; who is similarly held in high esteem in the academic world. In order to establish credibility before the Court, it was necessary to set forth in the affidavit some background information regarding the author’s academic accomplishments. Hatzneia Leches is one of the hallmarks of the Rav, and publishing portions of the affidavit that are not relevant to the subject of the litigation, may have been inappropriate.


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