Watch: ‘Akiva Nichamtanu’ – Rav Michoel Sorotzkin on Churban & Nechama

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  1. Brilliant. I don’t understand however if the ramba’m says that nevuah l’etova is not changeable even ‘al tenai’, so why if the tenai is the fulfillment of the nevua le’raah should it be different?
    In any case, the shiur is marvelous . Very enjoyable.

  2. Awesome .
    The first time in my life I understood a Shiur given to kollel guys.
    If we only had such gifted teachers we would also be there..

  3. This shiur was said in K’hal Ye’reiym kollel in Cleveland in the presence of the Rov, Rabbi Blum.
    My brother in law was present. He said he never heard such a dynamic and powerful speaker in his entire Yeshiva and kollel career.

  4. A treasure for the 9 days.
    Most droshos and shiurim given about the Churban and aveilus are in Agadda and musar. Finally we hear a big talmid chochom who says a quality lomdishe shiur in halacha. An otzar balum;

  5. Does anyone know if Rav Sorotskin is speaking anywhere in Tisha beAv in NY?
    If yes, please post letovas hatzibur.

  6. I live in Kiryat Yearim ( Telzstone) and have the real pleasure to hear him more than once a week. Me’ein Oilam Habo. He is simply the best. His knowledge ba’halocho, ba’agodo , accurate history of klal Yisroel and kisvei hagr’a as well as stories about gedolei Yisroel is second to none. His koiach hadibur is unparalleled. Every time he speaks, the oilam is puzzled. You must attend a live shiur.

  7. It sounds from the Rov like there is a continuation to this shiur. Something on Baba Basra. If you have it, could you please post?

  8. I live in Yerushalayim. A few years ago I partcipated in a dinner in honor of Limudei Hashem school for children with special needs. Rav Sorotzkin was the guest speaker. It was a full Hall with over 350 women from all over the world. His fantastic and movong speech will forever be remembered for my entire life. As a mother of a child with special needs, we are going through a daily nisayon. It’s not simple. His wonderful and powerful message gave us such chizuk. It was recorded , and I am forever thankful. Every time we have a ‘dowfall’ we listen to his drosho and recharge our batteries.

  9. Just listened. don’t understand one word in Yiddish, but got the gist of this brilliant essay.
    This is the kind of speeches you should post. Intellectual, sharp and clear as sunshine.

  10. Question: Is one allowed to listen to this shiur on Tisha Be’Av? As far as it being an halacha and Pilpul many poskim ( including Rav Moshe zt’l) paskened that since the topic is aveilus, it’s permissible. My only question is since I heard it and I had so much pleasure, maybe it is too much taanug and therefore it may be forbidden.
    Its a practical question since we have a chabura of guys who learn every Tisha Be’Av after chatzos the inyonim of the Churban and I would love to play this shiur there.

    • Listening to this fabulous shiur until the end story with Rav Yerucham fantastic thought and observation is a game changer as to your question. It gives tremendous chizuk to those who need it in time of pain and agony. This shiur could and should be shared on 9th if Av.


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