Watch: Amb. Bolton, ‘Leaving Paris Accord Is An ‘Excellent Decision”


Fox News contributor gives his take.


  1. Most obscene person from the Bush years.

    Will this era of maximized hate for human right ever end? Stalling all these year is never a good feeling for the war of human vote.

    We can do much better than Bolton and the slug high hate of the entire Bush to Trump democracy. We need democrats.

    • Your rambling comments carry no weight. The idiot Democrats and their illegitimate incapable president Obama have brought the country to its knees in many crucial areas such as defense, health care, out of control national debt and many other areas.

      The foolish capitulation to the global warming alarmists who have been proven wrong and have been found to be lying about the problem in the East Anglia emails was a terrible mistake by Obama and his incapable regime. Withdrawing from the disastrous Paris accord was the right thing to do.

      Bolton is the best ambassador that we have had in recent years and thank G-d all the Obama dolts are gone.


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