Watch: Benghazi Hero Reacts To Scathing House Report

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Mark ‘Oz’ Geist sounds off on ‘The Kelly File.’




  1. Ever wonder why Obama never maligns Muslims—even radicals or terrorists?

    He never says “Muslim terorrists.”

    Obama obsequiously bowed to the previous Saudi King below the waist instead of just shaking his hand like all other U.S. presidents.

    Obama made the curious statement that the ISIS “is not ‘Islamic.”

    They say they are.

    In the movie “The Sting” con men deceive a mobster out of a million dollars out of revenge for his murder of a grifter who accidentally stole the mob’s money.

    The goal of a “sting” is to get the money without the chump knowing he was taken.

    Now pay attention:

    Obama is not as naive as he appears.

    Obama revealed himself somewhat in a January 2007 New York Times article about him at Harvard Law School.

    This was 1988 to 1991, one of the most politicized periods in the law school’s history, with divisive fights over ideas such as critical race theory.

    In the article Prof. Charles Ogletree recalled how the young Obama spoke to a public gathering on one particularly contentious issue—and both competiting sides thought he was endorsing their argument:

    “Everyone was nodding. Oh, he agrees with me.”

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wrote explaining that Obama told him early in his Senate career:

    “Harry, I have a gift.”

    He has taken our country for a ride without us becoming aware of his “sting.”

    This is the ultimate con man who still covers up his Muslim religion.

    He was born a Shiite Muslim and in Islam one can never convert to another religion ever.

    Iran is a Shiite Muslim nation.


    All his decisons are based on his Muslim faith.

    He never maligns Muslims—even radicals.

    Obama told NASA one of its missions was to make Muslims feel good about themselves.

    Obama called the murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood by a Muslim-American major who screamed “Aliah Akbar!” “workplace violence”— not a terrorist attack.

    The U. S. government did not call the beheading of a co-worker by Jah’Keem Yisrael (who converted to Islam in 2011) an “act of terror.”

    He cold-bloodedly, devilishly—almost anti-Semitically—minimized the murder of Jews in a Paris kosher grocery by an Islamic radical with ties to ISIS as an instance where “zealots . . randomly shoot a bunch of folks.”

    Wonder what Obama would say and do if those “bunch of folks” were Muslims instead of Jews?

    After Benghazi Obama said in a UN speech it was “time the West stopped insulting Mohammed and respect Islam as a religion of peace.”

    Obama told NASA one of its missions was to “make Muslims feel good about themselves.”

    Take note of this, please, from CNS news (April 17, 2015):

    “Commentators on two different Arabic TV programs claimed that Obama pushed a nuclear deal with Iran because his father was a Shiite Muslim, and President Obama a Shiite Muslim wants Iran to be victorious.

    “They made their remarks on UK channel Al-Hiwar TV on March 25 and on 4Shbab TV in Saudi Arabia on April 10 and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

    “Syrian writer Muhydin Lazikani on Hiwar TV; “I am not peddling some theory…but Obama is the son of a Muslim Kenyan father.

    “…All the childhood memories of the man who rules the WH are Shiite Muslim memories.”

    All his decisions are based on his Muslim faith—or clever political gain.

    From Obama’s book“The Audacity of Hope” he was, “…sent to a “medrassa” (Muslim school).”

    That means he knows Arabic.

    Obama’s father was a Muslim and in Islam and so is he. Islam does not recognize conversion to another religion.

    Barack Hussein Obama remains forever a Muslim.

    Considering the above statements, every decision Obama makes is based on his Shiite Muslim belief.

    Iran is a Shiite Muslin nation.

    The President of the United States is black Shiite Muslim.

    The emperor has no clothes.

    Obama said he was going to fundamentally change the nation.

    He has.


    He still has a six months to go.

    Expose his “sting” before he destroys our nation.

    He should be impeached now.


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