Watch: Biden’s Behavior Is Extremely Troubling, Getting Worse

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  1. This is simply a natural progression of senile dementia. For now, he is still able to read off a script, albeit without a single eye contact with his conversationalist. Later on, prerecorded messages will be delivered, as he will just sit there, staring into deep space.
    The VP is on the standby, poised and ready.

    • Mrs. Emhoff is not that much better. The cackling witch is as incompetent as the pervert that’s occupying the white house now.

  2. Why in the world do the Israeli taxpayers have to waste money on a non-essential person in the govt? Why not combine the role of the Prime Minister with that of a President? Stop wasting money and get rid of him along with the fake Biden.

  3. why are the people who still “love” him have no rachmonos on this poor man? it does not surprise me considering the group which is putting him up for ridicule. tho only thing that scares me is the person who the Democrats will put in his place


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