WATCH: Black Woman Describes How Liberals Hijacked Racism Issues To Support Their Own Agenda



  1. That lady is a rock star!! she is smart!! she is awesome!! she is educated!! she is a patriot!! makes me proud to be an american!!!

    by the way, watch it again carefully . all though it is clear she has conservative republican views, and plans on voting that way in november, you will notice that she could not bring herself to actually say the words “I will vote for trump” she struggled with it. she could only say “i wont vote for biden.”

    She represents many many many people who are afraid to openly say, or even admit to themselves that they will vote for trump. Even though they most certainly will.

    They are closet trump supporters .

    i have a neighbor that said she is a life long democrat and she is horrified by the direction her party is taking the country . she told me she cant tell anybody she knows that she will be voting for trump because she will be called a racist and excommunicated by her friends.

    how many trump supporters reading this feel comfortable putting up a trump sign or bumper sticker on their cars. wearing a trump pin, hat, or shirt.
    i wouldnt dare…. honestly am afraid some liberal wacko will run me off the road.

    i believe that this is already messing with the 2020 polls.just like it happened in 2016.

    i hope you do remember, clinton 2016, on election day itself was way up in most of the polls by around 6%. trump shocked just about every poll with his win.

    it could just be that a lot of trump supporters are only going to be coming out of the closet in November. i wont be shocked if he wins ….. by a landslide .

    if you want even more fun.. watch the look on the liberal womans face… the shock.. the horror… the confusion…. wow… its amazing..


  2. After doing some online research it seems that this conversation actually took place in the new left wing liberal zone of …. CHAZ !! (chop, plop, whatever) amazing !! this lady is not only smart, educated, and a patriot. she also has some real guts.

    She needs to start a radio show . somebody please get her on the radio asap.


  3. She is 100% correct. Almost every person who I spoke to about voting for President, and I speak to hundreds weekly, told me that they were going to vote for President Trump in November because he did a great job until now and our country needs him to bring it back to normal again. Hey that’s a great slogan! MAKE AMERICA NORMAL AGAIN!!!

  4. She’s right about blacks being predominantly socially conservative. They might be fiscally liberal but when it comes to abortion and non traditional marriage, they are adamantly against it. The blacks are loyal Church goers. Even here in Liberal Brooklyn. If you drive up Rogers Avenue from Flatbush all the way up til Bedford Stuyvesant on a Sunday morning, you will see church after church full of religious African-Americans coming and going. By Fulton Street you have some Muslim mosques as well. All different denominations. They believe in some higher being. That’s tremendous. According to halacha that is better than being an atheist like many WHITE otd goyim here in NYC proclaim. Evil wicked WHITE ugly sodomite liberals. Even those that dislike us, like Jumaane Williams and Charles Barron, are vocal in their opposition and disgust for toeivah marriage. The average black knows more about religion and God than the brain dead priviliged white guilt liberal sodomite.


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