Watch: Bodycam Footage Shows Arrest Of George Floyd

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  1. Kind of makes you wonder what wouldn’t have happened had he not resisted arrest and resisted getting into the patrol car.

  2. He was clearly high as a kite. The cops were treating him very nicely. Not a hint of anything racial. He was claiming “I can’t breath” and going “aargh” already when he was sitting by himself with noone touching him. And he was a big strong guy, clearly unstable, and resisting arrest. The end result was unfortunate, but these cops deserve praise and gratitude.

  3. Sad story all around.
    What led to his arrest? Why was he pulled over in the first place? Why was he made to get out of the car? Why was he put in handcuffs right away? He didn’t look or act violent. Very troubling?

  4. Matzav please post the bitchute links the YT links pale in comparison and besides bitchute has important info that was withdrawn from many forums for the sole reason obtaining a little too much trutH!
    In this time with moshach knocking on our doors it is crucial for us to understand the truth of what is really going on.Thank You Matzav for your trailblazing excellent reporting not found in the other jewish sites!


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