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As Klal Yisroel is suffering from the effects and aftereffects of the virus, one thing extremely necessary, is to prepare to restart the Kol Torah. This summer we are hoping to be able to restart Yeshiva of Staten Island at its’ upstate location by the parameters set by health experts. Camp YSI has always been a yeshiva away from home where the learning continues at the highest levels, befitting the place where Rav Moshe Feinstein Zt”l would lead klal Yisroel during the summer months.

This past year Hagaon Harav Reuven Shlit”a, decided that it was time to rebuild the camp Bais Medrash. The old building was taken down immediately after the summer, and the work was moving right along until the virus started. After that, the work was interrupted, and equally important, we had to stop meeting people for financial help. Right now the shell is up, but the inside is empty and unusable. In order to get this Makom Torah to be able to get up and running as quickly as possible we need your help. Please help restart the Kol Torah in America by making this new building a reality.

Dedication opportunities are available.

Please contact: (917)946-2974 for dedication donations and/or monthly donation signup via ACH.

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