Watch: Cafe Paris Nine Days Promo – Creative Ad or Shameful Display in Bad Taste?

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    • Funny and real. It reflects the frum attitude to our times. Shame has disappeared. Next: open shabbos and Yom Tov. Ha ha ha. The siyum of menchlichkeit.

  1. People kvetch when restaurants or anyone else make fake” siyumim” during the nine days and then they kvetch when restaurants or anyone else DON’T make fake “siyumim” during the nine days.

    But I’ll give my daas gruber baal habos anyhow.

    Is what this restaurant promoting and implying ideal? No

    Is it something those who are spending the nine days in an ideal way should be protesting? Also no

  2. Very upsetting chances are if you would only be allowed to eat fleishigs people would figure out a way to be able to eat a bowl of pasta. As a animal created with a brain that allows choice its poorly shown here.

  3. Both.
    Related point: Why does it seem that with these type of things , ONLY the advertiser gets blamed?
    Are the people they are advertising TO not somewhat complicit?

  4. ironic people being critical. while ignoring there own leniencies like listening to music during the year after the destruction of the second beis hamikdosh. is it any better if people purposefully aligned their siyomim to fall around the 9 days. so they can have meat during the 9 days.

  5. Get a life! It’s actually rather funny! A little overdone, perhaps; but, that’s what advertising is all about, especially in the heimishe press. (Have you listened to the advertisements on Kol Mevaser lately?) As this restaurant is now under chasidishe management and, obviously, trying to appeal to the heimishe yingeleit whose wives are up in the country, I don’t think any of their targetted audience would take offense as to the depiction of chasidim. IT’S A JOKE!

    • It’s funny? That’s the whole issue.
      The bais Hamikdash was destroyed, we have 9 days of a veiled because of that.
      We’re not supposed to be doing funny.

      As an aside, to the person who responded “live and let live” higher up, why is it that we usually see that refrain when it comes to being less Hashkafically conscious, but when it comes to chumras or people doing things that are more spiritual in nature we get upset because the’re acting like weirdos?

      And before anyone goes all “well, you’re doing sings chinam yourself” on me, note that I am not saying anyone is a bad person. I’m just registering my protest to what I believe is a senseless wipe-away of the meaning of bein Hamitezarim and a minimizing of thought.

  6. I don’t think the people in the ad are expressive enough. Look at the fellow at the 35-second mark – Mr. Stone Face, indeed.

  7. Hi
    Without judging anyone
    Without knowing more details
    On the surface its A SHAME where we have gon this is making fun
    Of learning and mocking the 9 days in public view

  8. Carrying in Brooklyn on Shabbos when there is no Eruv is a much bigger sin than a couple of guys having some good food. The maching avek mit deh hant the inyan of Siyum, is appalling.

    • There is a kosher Eruv in Brooklyn. You say that Rav Moshe Feinstein Ztzl said that you can not make a kosher eruv in Brooklyn. What does Rav Moshe say about making kiddish on Friday night? He says that you must make kiddish on Friday night over wine not grape juice unless you are a choyleh. Many of the eruv “shrayers” use grape juice (aka baby juice). OK. Pick and choose which of Rav Moshe’s answers you like but don’t go shraying to others to observe the way that you do.

  9. These fressers are exactly what the Chazal meant, when describing someone as menuval birshus haTorah. Look up the Ramban in Kedoshim, instead of gorging.

  10. I’m am so grateful for Cafe Paris. They’re food is healthy, very grateful, great service. Pleasant atmosphere. December prices.
    Thank you Hashem for this wonderful restaurant. May they be blessed with riches.

  11. I HAD to watch the advertisement 20 times !!!!!!!!

    That is how funny and geshmak this advertisement is !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I laughed soooooooo hard !!!!!!!!!!

    I programed my Tesla car to take me straight to Cafe Paris !!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Cafe Paris for the superb Advertisement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you MATZAV for posting the video….

    Ests mit an APPETITE !!!!!!!!!!!

    the rest of you:: CHILL OUT ::::

    Laugh once in a while !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Please stop criticizing everyone and everything that’s possibly not your cup of tea!
    A person needs to have a sense of humor, or life is just too dark and depressing! If you can put on a happy face, smile and maybe even laugh, everything is just so much better for yourself and those around you. This ad is a little gross; but, also cute and rather funny! True, it’s the 9 days and we’re not supposed to be very happy and freilich; but, a little humor? Maybe not so terrible! Even in the concentration camps, the people who maintained their sense of humor (and nothing was at all funny there) did much better than the ones who just cried and lost their will to live. Making fun of ourselves- so busy trying to come up with creative ideas for the 9 days menus! It’s not so geferlich and it’s good for mental health!
    P.S. This restaurant is not just for men only. It’s showing men only, because: 1) The advertisement is targeting chassidish men who generally prefer not to see women in their media. Additionally, it’s also targeting the chassidish yingeleit whose families are in the country and are looking for a good hot meal (not like my son, who makes do with a sandwich and some Shabbos leftovers). Obviously, these men go out to eat with a coworker, friend or a shvuger (therefore, they are groups of men). For people who think eating out is an avla: Don’t go. This ad is not for you!


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