Watch: Chareidi Girl with Guts Gets Bored Hafganah Protestors in Yerushalayim to Move

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    • These protesters are the TRUE Ben Torah who care about Hashem and His Torah and making a tremendous KIDDUSH HASHEM BERABIM. Had your daughter been arrested for not joining the army, you wouldn’t have such a big mouth.

      • If you ask Gedolei Yisroel, they say that bnei Torah should NOT be doing this. I guess it’s your word against theirs. Nobody is being a forced to go into the army.

        • You’re obviously not in Israel because Gedolei Yisrael in Israel are actually pushing for these protests. And by the way, you’re 6 years behind times. They’re ARE forced to go into the army. So much so, that the army hopes in another few year to include 60% !!!! of yeshiva bachurim in their army. When will you wake up?

          • Outright lie. Peleg protests against the guidance if Gedolei Yisroel who feel that any future threats can be dealt with politically. Please let me know how many boys from ponovez or any other Yeshiva were forced to go to join the army. They just have to sign some papers which Gedolei Yisroel have okayed. So how many bochorim were forced according to your imagination?

          • And to add to that of course they want 60%, they hate the Torah or don’t know better. They always wanted that but ‘wanting’ does not translate to an immediate threat. This is according to Gedolei Yisroel, not my opinion.

    • 1 I don’t believe that any Gadol sanctions blocking streets to traffic. Hafganos in open areas is the issue. Note that not oe Gadol ever attended a street- blocking protest.
      2 It is clear she is working for the police. It is a brilliant idea on their part. Why be forced to arrest people, and have them fight and kick back, when a tznius’dik dressed girl can be more effective. It is certainly not a negia of chiba, and it just forces them to run. I fully approve!

      • The point that you and many others seem to be missing is that we are dealing with Giyus Banos which has been declared Yehareg Ve’al Ya’avor by ALL Gedolei Yisrael throughout all the generations.

        There are Gedolim that have spoken against the protests on Giyus Banim, but no Rav or Gadol has spoken out against protesting Giyus Banos.

        The Chazon Ish and the Steipler together with the Brisker Rav and so many more called for and participated in multiple protests regarding Giyus Banos.

        I’m surprised that this is even an issue that’s up for debate!
        By Giyus Banim there was a difference in opinion between 2 huge Gedolim, and each person should follow his/her Rav, but there was/is no argument regarding Giyus Banos!

        The unanimous opinion is that one is required to do everything, including non violent protests, to stop a girl from falling to the IDF.

    • Hey moron! If they would put on a santa costume would you say it defames that religion? This has nothing to do with yiddishkeit. What shows is your dismay for yiddishkeit! Anybody doing something against the torah is not representing yiddishkeit, however when you slander them it tells more about your yiddishkeit than your intention.

      • are you a fool or a hypocrite? this child is outright acting like a filthy prutza, going against halacha, and you are talking about how the other chevra are “going against the torah”?!??
        sounds like all you know is politics and you never cracked a jewish book for the past 40 years.

        • others wrongs don’t make your wrong right
          blocking street – wrong
          touching/hitting boys – wrong
          calling her names – wrong
          name calling in the comments – wrong
          This can all be true at once

  1. One effective way to disperse the crowd without lifting a finger would be to bring in a bunch of not tzeniusdige women and they will all run like cockroaches

  2. I’m so proud of Matzav of being proud of this meidel. Mamash what you want out of your daughters.

    That’s why the draft doesn’t bother you.

      • It’s a truly disgusting for you the mention the Chofetz Chaim this way. During WWI, while the Chofetz Chaim was in Smilowitz and gave a shiur to his kollel in a good person’s house, he still was highly bothered by the fact that a teen in the house came near the shiur a couple of times.

        For people who want to be like the failing and depraved gentiles, anything goes. Nebach. Just disgusting.

    a chareidi girl doesnt act that way. and btw if she was , she could have problems with her principal … staying in school.

    • I surely agree with you. And if she is unfortunately Chareidi, she is a very troubled girl. Must being going through a lot at this point in her life. No ehrliche, emotionally stable Bais Yaakov girl would do what she did.
      BTW It was a great thing, but I don’t want it to be anyone I know.

      Whatever her position truthfully is, she did send a good message!

  4. You go girl!! Everything is not a conspiracy people. If I was there I would have gone after these idiots with a stick. Chayos!! Why aren’t they in Yeshiva where they supposedly belong. Little kids, do their parents just want them occupied with anything as long as they are not bothering them? What a disgusting disgrace that crowd continues to be

      • Gedolei Yisroel decide what is right according to the Torah. We don’t ask YOU what the Torah viewpoint is. Regardless if her actions were appropriate, the protests are certainly not appropriate. This is according to all Gedolei Yisroel.

        • So Maran Hagaon Rav Shmuel Aurbach Zatzal and YL”T Hagaon Rav Shmuel Deutch Shlita, Hagaon Rav Ezriel Aurbach Shlita, Hagaon Rav Yisrael Kalmanowitz Shlita, Hagaon Rav Moshe Shternbuch Shlita and the rest of the Eidah HaChareidis (just to name a few), are all nobody to you?

          Besides, wer’e discussing Giyus Banos here. A CHAREIDI GIRL is in jail, that’s why they are protesting.

          And yes, regarding Giyus Banos ALL GEDOLEI YISRAEL paskened to make protests.

          • The leading Gedolei Yisroel of the yeshiva world are ALL against these protests. Since when do you quote people that are not alive or people the Eida who never led the Yeshiva world. Or are you just choosing leadership based on whoever lets you out of Beis Medrash to enjoy the fun of acting like animals? We are talking about the biggest Gedolim of the Yeshiva world, based on mesorah from last generations Gedolim and based on what the vast majority of Bnei Torah, Rosh Yeshiva believe. So sorry, you have ZERO excuse to act like this based on ALL Gedolei Yisroel of the yeshiva world.

  5. Calling her shmeina (fat) was not nice. Some people, for various reasons, are overweight and can’t just lose weight naturally. I have first hand knowledge. Calling her shiktza……….., well maybe, depending on whether she was an undercover cop dressed up like a chareidi.

  6. These idiots are causing a masive chilul shem shamayim. Where in our history did yidden do things to disturb and annoy others to make a point. I don’t know what their leaders are thinking, causing people to hate bnai torah. To the police now that you know what works, send every female officer to get rid of these protesters. I for one am proud what this girl did.

    • You obviously don’t know too much about Israel’s history. The Chazon Ish instructed everyone to make protests that were a lot more violent this one, about the same inyan – giyus banos.

      There were also the historic protests about archeological work being done near cemeteries, about chillul shabbos, etc.

      Rav Elyashiv said that everything that we have in aspects of Yiddishkeit in Eretz Yisrael are only because of protests.

      Do your research before making ignorant claims.

      • Why are you always quoting Gedolei Yisroel that are not alive? Besides every situation is different and unless you yourself are a Godol, you have no business taking bochorim out of the Beis Medrash

        • Rav Elyashiv tells us that Reb Chaim is the Godol Hador. Reb Chaim said no protests. So stop choosing/faking your sources based on partial information.

          • There’s something called mesorah, and as I have provided multiple examples above, protests were always an integral part of our mesorah in Eretz Yisrael.

            As for today, there are many Gedolim who have said not to participate in the protests, correct.
            But there are many more just as valid Gedolim as I have mentioned above that feel that today’s situation warrants protests as in previous generations.

            However strongly you feel that your side is right, it’s not an excuse to denigrate or reduce those who disagree with you, especially when they have valid Da’as Torah standing behind them.

            Plus, as a side point when Rav Chaim was a yungerman he himself participated in a protest against Chillul Shabbos. He stood in front of a truck that was trying to deliver water to an army base near Bnei Brak, and didn’t allow it to pass. The truck eventually turned around.


  8. its disgusting that matzav, a self proclaimed jewish website would praise such pritzus and lack of tznius which destroys the very core values of the holiness of our daughters as “gutts”. the new shprach for aveiros: “gutts”.

  9. No chareidi girl would go touch a boy and act like a maniac like she. Period! She obviously learned on the job training in the police force. Long sleeve, skirt and ponytail does not make her chareidi. She must have left her police jacket in the car. I bet you can find pictures of her on other videos against chareidim.

    • “I bet you can find pictures of her on other videos against chareidim.”
      If you look closely, you can see her standing on the grassy knoll.

      • Are you saying she was involved with the JFK assassination? She seems kind of young to have been in Dallas at that time. I must be losing it!

  10. Wow I feel like Im reading the antiyeshivaworld website. First you started giving full coverage to lev tahor, (very questionable heter, loshan hora with NO toeles whatsoever), and now you’re looking for anti yeshiva bochurim stories. Vos mi tut nisht far parnossah….

  11. These are not yeshiva boys! They act like the blacks and puerto ricans rioting let them try to do this in NYC closing off traffic sitting in the streets. The father with the small child in the stroller just like Hamas bringing little children in harms way.They don’t act like Jews period.Yeshiva boys hah!

    • Number 1, stop with the vitriol. Your’e dealing with Gedolim who are much bigger than you.

      Second of all, your argument doesn’t carry any weight. It doesn’t seem like you know how Israel works. Israel is not an established country like the US. In Israel, the way to make a point is through protests. Wev’e seen it with the disabled protests who wanted a bigger handout from the government, wev’e seen it with the Teva employees who are upset that they will be layed off in a few years, and lehavdil, we see it with the Bnei Torah who are protesting the Israeli governments egregious violations of anything related to Yiddishkeit (Giyus Banim, Giyus Banos, Chillul Shabbos, interference in our Chinuch etc).

      And it works. The CHAREIDI GIRL who was in jail (which is why they made the protest) was released today 8 days early following 3 days of intense protests.

      • Lies. All Gedolei Yisroel are against this despicable behavior. This is Neturei Karta style behavior unbefitting of yeshiva boys.

  12. This is a Machlokes between gedolim. There are two sides & they are both right.
    That said,
    Please do not bring it to America – it has NOTHING to do with us! (& dont stuff your newspapers into my mailbox either I do not wish to bring in kfira to my home) Its unfathomable why a group of people would try to ignite this issue in Chutz Laretz! Throw out the paper or tell your courier not to include it in your delivery.

    We can only get ourselves into deep trouble by badmouthing gedolim or sectors of Klal Yisroel.

    If my child got a draft letter, I’d go to my gadol (R’ Chaim Kanievsky) and ask what the proper course of action is.
    (I never heard R’ Chaim issuing any statements against these people though.)
    None of us should be taking sides. Pretty scary to voice your opinion about gedolei hador even if we don’t “agree” with them.

  13. Bshtei Enayim, You clearly haven’t been following the news lately. Just a few short weeks ago there were articles in the frum news outlets about a bochur from Ponovezh (R’ Kahanaman) who even learned with the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Berel Povarsky Shlita, who was drafted.
    Allow me to enlighten you with some facts.
    The IDF has around 150 ‘gayasim’/recruiters who go to Yeshivos dressed in Chareidi garb and prey on bochurim who may be a target. In this particular case the recruiter was tipped off by Yochanan M. a close friend of the bochur who was drafted. Yochanan was in contact with this recruiter as this recruiter operates a home for frum lone soldiers such as Yochanan. Yochanan told the recruiter about the bochur, and the recruiter did what he does best, convincing bochurim to sign their own spiritual death sentence.

    So while the majority of the 3,070 Chareidi boys who were drafted in 2017 weren’t from Ponovezh, most were serious Bnei Torah who were interested in maintaining a frum lifestyle, yet were forced into the shmad machine called the IDF against their will.

    • do you get so up in arms about jewish children being expelled from a yeshivah? denied a jewish education? or are you extremely selective. so the army apparently makes chareidim turn chiloni. do you think all jewish children thrown out of yeshiva marry jews? eat kosher? don teffilin? fast on yom kippur?

  14. Not one comment said as follows: I’m not sticking my head in between mountains! But she probobly was trying to save them from worse. As in had they fallen to police it would be far worse so she acted like she was taking care of them.


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