Watch: Chareidi Soldier Harassed in Bet Shemesh

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A married IDF soldier in uniform was walking down a street in Bet Shemesh, pushing his young child’s stroller, when a group of young boys began taunting him, calling him names, including “Chardak,” a derogatory term used for chareidim who enlist in the IDF.

After being harassed by a large crowd, the soldier was escorted safely out of the neighborhood by police.


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. If you ever wonder why Meshiach is not here ,seeing this video says it all .May Hashem have mercy on us and send Meshiach even though we are not worthy .

    • I am not embarrassed because the Gedolim all say that it’s forbidden to join the Israeli army. It’s a place of שמד. When Pinchos killed a leader, all of Klall Yisroel where out to get him, but Hahsem rewarded him for speaking out for the truth!!! all these guys are doing is protesting for the truth.

    • I am sorry and don’t want to hit you bellow the belt, but, if you are embarrassed of a protest that real Jews are doing to honor hashem, maybe you are part of Arev Rav? who are not Yidden, and that’s why you are embarrassed to be considered a member of the same religion as these people..

  2. Do these talmidim & parents that model such horrendous behavior???

    The Beis Hamidkash burns bec we have no solution to our incidious hatred of others!

      • Don’t confuse sticking up for Hashem and sticking up your nose. It’s a nuance, but if you really cared about what Hashem wants you’d spend your time in Bais Medrash learning Torah and Davening instead of looking to embarrass someone who chose to do something that you disagree with.

  3. The young ruffians have too much time on their hands. What a chillul hashem. Those boys should have gotten the daylights beaten out of them. And you idiots are more concerned with some random Camp’s colorwar breakout, being “insensitive”! Pheh.

    • It’s a great Kiddish Hashem. and what have you been drinking? or smoking? The young “ruffians” are doing Gods will by screaming out of pain seeing their fellow Jew falling down the tubes in the discussing Israeli secular Army that preach opposite ideas of our beloved Torah. all it is, is screaming out of lots of pain. It’s a great Kiddish Hashem. You are being “insensitive” to Hashems feelings.

  4. And who protects these fools in time of war & terror attacks? They should appreciate that he is willing to put his life on the line to protect Jews & Eretz Yisroel.
    The Lubavitcher Rebbe held all of Israel’s soldiers in the highest esteem for their work in protecting the Jewish nation.

  5. most of the chareidim in beit shemesh have respect and appreciation for those who put their lives on th line for all of us, i never cease to be amazed at the blindness of individuals. man bites dog makes news. dog bites man is commonplace. we at KSY are proud of our congregants who serve. may HaKadosh Baruch Hu continue to protect them and all of us, Omen!


  6. These children are young reshaim, and are kafui tov. The number of issurei d’Oraisa violated in that 45 second clip is enormous.

    Hashem yerachem.

  7. Brothers and sisters in the holy land, please keep up the great work, keep on speaking out against the corrupted government who hate chradim, keep on following the advice you have received form the Israeli gedolim who disprove of the Israeli army.
    thanks a trillion……..

  8. The holy Sanzer Rebbe spoke about these people 200 years ago.
    ‏בדברי חיים בהשמטות לפרשת ויקהל ‏כתב בזה״ל: ‏אך הערב רב, כל חסדים דעבדי – לגרמייהו עבדי, כנראה בעליל שהרבנים וחסידים והבע״ב שבדור המה בעוה״ר רובן מערב רב, ורוצים ‏לשרור על הציבור וכל מעשיהם רק לגרמייהו לקבל כבוד וממון, ולכן אין להתחבר עמהם רק עם עובדים באמת שמוסרים נפשם להי לא לקבל שום תועלת לעצמם. עד כאן דבריו

  9. The 45 second clip seems to have taken in a larger context.

    Why are there barriers, police and so many people just milling around?

  10. To the chayal in the video:
    As we are now on threshold of Elul, may HKBH judge you with an ayin tova. Not just for putting your own life on on the line protecting your fellow Jews, not just for your other meritorious deeds that we’re unaware of, but specifically for the self-restraint you showed here toward the ignorant know-nothing bullies and harassers who thought it appropriate to act so disgustingly to you, especially considering your baby in a stroller was with you at the time.
    Hashem yishmorcha mikol rah yishmor es nafshecha. Hashem yishmor tzaischa uvo’echa ma’atah viad olam.

  11. R. Ya’akov Kamenetsky writes in his Emes Le-Ya’akov Al Ha-Torah (Exodus 12:2 n. 17):
    “It is incumbent on us to understand that the establishment of the state of Israel in our day, after the the great destruction and despair that overtook the remnant, and given the desperate and destroyed status of Russian Jewry, God caused the establishment of the state of Israel in order to strengthen the connection to Judaism and to sustain the link between the Jews in exile and the Jewish nation.”

    The following letter from R. Zvi Yehuda, who was very close with R. Karelitz at the end of the latter’s life (he passed away just five years after the establishment of the state of Israel), was published in Tradition 18:1 (Summer 1979):
    “Based on my intimate closeness to Hazon Ish at the time, I am in the position to deny categorically such a libelous and disastrous rumor [that he predicted the destruction of the state of Israel in the near future]. Hazon Ish was the paradigm of a halakhist; he never assumed the role of prophet or soothsayer… Nor was the great sage Hazon Ish (and claims to the contrary by partisan ideologians notwithstanding) imbued with any negative or hostile attitude to the State of Israel. He genuinely loved Jews and welcomed indeed anything that may save their lives or improve their lot. The current “oral tradition” circulated within some yeshiva (or “kollel”) coteries, that Hazon Ish was against the State, and even proclaimed its doom and decreed its fall within a prescribed span of time, is no more than a vicious lie–perpetrated by the zealots through a deliberate distortion, and received by the naive on the basis of an unfortunate misunderstanding…
    Thus we examine the meaning of the State of Israel by halakhic categories: Is it really, from the point of view of our limited human judgment, the beginning of redemption? Is it certainly and clearly a positive, constructive redemptive act?
    ‘Time will tell.’ This is the gist of Hazon Ish’s response, that by malice or stupidity (or both) is now distorted and repeated as if it were a terrible pronouncement of doom.”

    R. Eliyahu Dessler has two relevant letters, from 1948 and 1949, that were published in Mikhtav Me-Eliyahu, vol. 3 pp. 349-353. He writes that he is hesitant to call the establishment of the state of Israel and the ensuing military victory the beginning of the Redemption, but he considers it a possibility (i.e. a Hopeful Zionist position). He also has harsh words for anyone who refuses to see God’s miraculous intervention in this, considering them heretics who reject Divine Providence.

  12. R. Yosef Eliyahu Henkin was adamantly opposed to the position of the Satmar Rav. He wrote:
    “I was shocked to read in Chomoteinu of Cheshvan 5719 the slanderous notion that we are required to give our lives (limsor nefesh) to frustrate and resist the efforts of the State of Israel in its struggle against those who would rise up against them. This was stated as a p’sak din based on what we learn that Israel is restricted from rebelling against the nations (Ketubot 111a)…
    Now all the rabbis who were opposed to Zionism and the establishment of a state took up that position until the time that it was officially founded. Once the state was declared, anyone who plays into the hands of the nations of the world even where there is no imminent danger, is clearly a moseir and rodeif. All the more when there is danger to destruction of life in so doing… Surely, those who recently emigrated must be very weary of the state’s efforts to strip them of their Torah way of life, but to proclaim that anyone who aids the state is a rodeif, well such talk is the severest form of redifa.”

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