Watch: Chassidim in NYC Confront Anti-Israel Neturei Karta Radicals

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    • The fifth?????? maybe in “europe” it’s the fifth… In any case, our ammendments in our torah give us entirely different guidlines of what is and isn’t allowed.

    • It’s the First Amendment, not the Fifth.

      And, you don’t have the right to cry fire in a crowded theater. These rodfim are doing just that. We are probably allowed to do a lot more than just rip off their poster. V’hameivin yavin.

  1. Tehy are hashems children, our brothers, we have to love them. They are tinuk shenishba we have to be “don le’kaf zechus.

    • They are tinok shenishba with a mix of mental and emotional instability. but they are inciting and in this day and age there’s no room for incitement.. If I were to attack something you keep sacred like your rebbe reb yoel or a dear family member ; which can end up causing harm to someone.. would you also say or write this comment? dan lekav zechus????? If we are indeed acheinu bnei yisroel then the rov/most of klal yisroel should be dan lekav zechus by these pple otherwise they seclude themselves like the eirav rav…. and thats how they should be treated…

    • Wrong. They are Mumer Lehachis. We do not have to love them. We have to hate them. Just like moderate Muslims have to hate their extremist cousins.

  2. Reb Meyer, I see your comments elsewhere. These filthy dogs are NOT tinuk shenishba. It’s guys like you who misuse the “dan ligav zchus” clause. It’s too bad the chevra there didn’t beat the living daylights out of those 2 dogs. These rodfim MUST be taught a lesson in a language they understand. Where was their coward leader, Achmed Weiss?
    Even if you put aside the Israeli/zionist rant of their’s, WHO GIVES THEM A RIGHT TO SLANDER AND CURSE A CHASSIDISHE REBBE LIKE THAT IN PUBLIC WITH GOYIM WALKING AROUND ALL OVER THE PLACE????? It’s too bad they were able to leave without having their legs broken!

  3. They are not even Jews.

    In Judaism we all have opinions. But to bluntly hold an Arab sign is disciple.

    We need to teach them a lesson!

  4. One sign? They only brought one sign?
    Let’s hope their lack of preparation is just one indication of their general ineffectiveness.

  5. European chossid
    U a chossid really..I wonder.
    I guess ur amendments are holier than the torah laws which any reasonable human being would recognize as Chillul Hashem…but u, smart alek, know better.
    Why dont u join them, so we can give u your just deserves.

  6. Mig Jets are special. Sometimes they are not in your back yard.

    These Naturei Karta are not the gold soup at the Holocaust museum. They think that they are.

    Its sad.


    Baruch Hashem. Did you really think G-d would give the state of Israel back to the pagan arab? Clearly they do not know who they are dealing with.

    This is America. We see who is out of their mind.



  7. Neturei Kakers aren’t known for their intelligence.
    Dan lekaf zechus? Mental institution? Beating them up in the streets? All those ideas are as useful as trying to teach mosquitos not to suck your blood.

    Relocating this vermin to Gaza with all its laws and exemplary citizens would be the only treatment that could cure their condition of naïveté and hatred.

  8. They probably worked very hard on decorating those signs @ the local Day Camp. they feel soo much shame after both their signs were ripped out of their hands, BH they look soo Foolish & Stupid afterwards, Thank u to those Yingerleit that took away those Moronic signs !! Way To Go !! I wish they would be their when Yisroel Weiss & all his Moronic Followers are their & make them look even more Stupid & Foolish

  9. why don’t they stand on the corner of Bedford & Ross & protest, why are they doing it in Manhattan, “They’re not that Stupid to do it Wb” they still have some brains


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