Watch: Chassidim Take On Liberal Protesters In Abortion Standoff

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  1. Chassidim? Although I agree that murdering unborn babies should be protested, but one guy dressed like a chassid, standing between women is not necessarily “chassidim”.

  2. Cabin melody. Not exactly Israel’s place to a petition before the people but comical that our petition is noted by the world. As if that is Jewish student bias, I am not sure; but the rest of sabbath should have not been a week to yell.

    Scary place for a man of jewish heritage with willing appearance of Torah. Torah does not fit a petition to the bet that a voter will make the choice between jew and non-jew or unorthodox jew. We do have reputation for good careful worth and honor in our society.

    Action is dealing with vote or giving. There is a better bias.

  3. Murder is an issue that should concern every individual Jew and non Jew. It’s incomprehensible that we form an Agudah for various other issues however fail to do so regarding murder!

    Admittedly, it would appear strange to make a lavish dinner replete with awards and accolades for any individual who holds a position in government while protesting their actions. However, with all the funds spent on marketing I’m confident the presidium will figure out how to spin it!

  4. Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah has been superseded by Moetzes Gedolei HaTwitter.

    Due to modern technology, the Moetzes doesn’t know what is happening right away, as they are not online, but the young activists are already tweeting away.

    So the question is, who is in charge. The youth wing online, or the elders offline.

    Chazal teach us that בנין נערים סתירה, but סתירת זקנים בנין.


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