Watch: Chicago Mayor Removes Columbus Statue In Dead Of Night

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  1. Mayor Darkhand should resign in disgrace immediately. With her own constituents being slaughtered on the streets of Chicago like worthless dogs, her only concern is tearing down statues??? She represents everything that is evil in this Country.

  2. C’mon let’s just rewrite history!
    Columbus was a black man!
    Washington was a black man!
    Lincoln was black!
    And the list is endless!
    What’s the difference -.It’s just history!

  3. loving the social distancing, no duh that there is a spike in cases!!
    can someone please explain what columbus has to do with this? hes just a guy that came from spain and said, oh how cool were in india. so no he is a racist and all of his statues need to be removed!! if someone has an explanation please say!

  4. I believe that this criminal behavior is close to roger park Chicago, home to thousands upon thousands of Yeshiva leit who osek in toyra lots of times. What if this mayor goes after the bais medrahas? She might? Hashim yishmoor.—/g

    • don’t think you need to worry i think like half the jews in chicago own guns!! (i’m sure that’s an exaggeration but enough that not gonna happen, and the police probably more inclined to listen to the jews thenn to the mayor!)


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