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  1. BS”D
    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    1 Adar Bais 5776 (Mar 11, ‘16)

    “The End Is Coming”

    Oh Mommy, what can I say? The world is falling apart in every direction and at least half the world doesn’t even notice it. They wake up every day, they see the sun is shining, they get up, drink orange juice, make a sandwich, have their coffee and go out to work or to learn or whatever their daily occupation is. There are cars running in the street, stores are doing business, everything looks normal. The regular newspapers and internet news is given over by the newscasters with a jolly voice and a smiley face. The regular media, that is owned by two maybe three people, is scripted to tell the world lies about all kind of things that are really happening or not happening. Every once in a while there is an unusual happening like a mass murder or a new plague but it reaches its peak and then disappears from the headlines. The average person is not interested in hearing about anything that will destroy his life.

    I beseech every human being on this planet that has any type of moral fiber whether Jew or gentile, whether black or white, brown or yellow, to open their eyes. The end is coming! There are three extreme dangers that are about to descend upon us and there is a fourth danger that has created two of these dangers. The world now is more or less ruled by the evilest of people that ever lived. They are a combination of every evil ruler, every evil human being that ever walked the face of the earth. With all of these evil ones that performed their mischief throughout history and have been assembled through their Gilgulim for the final hour of this world this Olam Hazeh that we live in now. They have been brought together with the Satan, Yemach Shemo Vezichro, to have their last hurrah, meaning that they will try to control the entire world and kill, one way or another, most of the people here in this world and the rest keep as slaves to do their work and to fulfill their lusts. Hashem has allowed them to come back and continue their treachery to such a grand height of success that they, the Reshoim, have become dizzy from the altitude of achievement that they have reached. This was done on purpose, of course, by Hakodosh Boruch Hu because just as they are getting ready to grab the fruits from the tree and take a bite out of it they will all fall and there will be nothing left of them, not bones, not ashes, not anything.

    Now we will look at the dangers that await us in this world. For the average person that lives in this world the two greatest dangers that the Reshoim have created, with Hashem’s permission of course, are number one a tremendous financial fall that will leave most people without a penny. After a short while there will not be money even for food. The second big danger is war. It will be called the Third World War, which has already begun. I fear that they are planning to make an attack on some big city maybe even more than one big city in the world killing hundreds of thousands of people, Chas Vesholom and starting what will be called the real war which I feel has the potential of killing masses of people. However, besides all of that we lately have been seeing in Eretz Yisroel and in the world the Planet X or Nibiru. It is coming towards us and the Reshoim that think they rule everything and with their great technological experts can build bunkers deep into the ground to protect themselves. They need to create happenings in the world to help keep the general population busy in order that they can get into their luxurious bunkers without being noticed.

    However we Jews have one bunker which is a promise from Shomayim, from Hashem that nothing will happen to us. If we are real Jews and we believe and trust Hakodosh Boruch Hu, if we call out to Him in the final hours of the world of lies and beg Him to save us, beg Him to forgive us, then we will survive this and if not we won’t Chas Vesholom.

    I want to reiterate, Jews in Chutz Laaretz that are real Jews and want to be with Hashem even if all their lives up to this point they went against the Torah, Chas Vesholom, in one split second they can change their attitude and realize that only Hashem is Hakol Yachol. He created us and we have to go according to His Torah. It’s not a democracy, democracy does not exist. There is only one ruler and that is Hakodosh Boruch Hu. He is sending Moshiach as His earthly representative, from the Zera of Dovid Hamelech.

    Anyone who is willing because he sees the Truth, to give up the lies and stupidities he has been taught by the non-Jewish world and is willing and wanting and longing to be able to fulfill Ratzon Hashem, will be saved when he or she calls out to Hashem and begs to be saved. It will be harder to do that in Chutz Laaretz. It’s easier in Eretz Yisroel, but it can be done also in Chutz Laaretz.

    Those that live in Eretz Yisroel must do the same because in Eretz Yisroel now the Reshoim are the rulers but in one second that reality will disappear. All those Reshoim that have been trying to take every Frum person from his Father in Heaven through force, through bribes and through trickery, will disappear in a split second and the true Jews will stay and rebuild the Bais Hamikdosh. It will be rebuilt in a miraculous way and life as we know it now will disappear. True there will be things that are similar to this life .We will still breath air and still have children and we will learn Torah etc. but there will be no lies, no Yetzer Hora. So even though on the outside it might seem similar to what we know today it still will be very different in the most positive way and it will spiral upwards spiritually, but I don’t see further than that.


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