Watch: Cleaning Lady Arrested By Police for Stealing from Customers’ Homes



    • For about $100.00 you can purchase a shabbos lock to install on your walk in closet in the master bedroom. It’s so worth it. Just your the piece of mind knowing that your valuables are somewhat safe.

    • so how else should we let people know not to use her? Go from house to house and say did you use so and so to clean ur house? Oh she’s been arrested for stealing. What a great way to publicize who this thief is. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  1. And shes not the only one.People are still gullible and leave their homes and children with goytas. When will they learn. Guess what…if you dont care…maybe its coming to you as a lesson to be vigilant…

  2. If you experienced the loss of property from those like her (and there are others like her), you would not leave such a negative comment. My family experience such stealing from someone they thought they could trust. The frum community has to be aware of such ganovim. Some are cleaning ladies and some are nanny’s for our precious kinderlach. H’ yerachem.

  3. This woman did something wrong. But shame on the one who took this video. And shame on you matzav for publicizing this Chilul Hashem


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