WATCH: Cleveland Indians Star Outfielder Yasiel Puig Makes Surprise Visit To Camp Simcha Today

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    • They have all types of frum celebs coming but they service any sick child with jewish DNA so they must do something for them too.

    • They bring in Rabbonim all the time, and it gets publicized too!! Whats wrong for doing something for the campers that they can interact with someone in a different way other than Torah. Sports is a good thing that also helps them keep their minds off what they go through every other day of the year. All the campers should hae a complete refuah, and may we not hear of anymore tzaaros

    • and if it brought one last joy for a kid before losing the battle with cancer? are you so high and mighty on your morals?

  1. Of all stars, this is who they chose? Yasiel Puig is the embodiment of everything that is antithetical to Torah. He has one of the worst tempers in the MLB. Terrible example to our children.

  2. Wow!

    At the beginning of the summer these holy precious camper’s were visited by the Roshei Yeshiva shlita

    I guess as the Roshei Yeshiva are taking a needed break they brought in a pinch hitter ?!

  3. Are they the new gedoley hador that children must look up to? And is this hippyish music what Jewish children should listen to?

    • IY”H you should never have to worry about your children going to Camp Simcha and seeing entertainment like this. In fact Camp Simcha would probably be very happy if no children would ever be sick and need their services.

      • exactly! We all look forward that Camp Simcha should shut down. But right now there is a huge need for it. Hint: some people may want to google before posting comments.

  4. I’m amazed how disconnected and insensitive some of the comments here are. You clearly have no idea what camp simcha is all about and what true chessed is. It’s not a camp that is teaching torah but from their chessed they end up inspiring to torah in the strongest of ways. Yes they bring secular shows to satisfy the secular kids; although kosher secular but as my good friend / former camps simcha camper and baal teshuva told me. The fact that noone imposed it and everyone acted with such goodness around me made me want it even more. so those critcizing here; neither understand to chessed nor to kiruv..

  5. Wow, he came down from the sky, like a malach!

    From Cleveland? Is he a Telsher?

    Can I publicly admit that I didn’t know him before this post? Mamash a busha atzumah, I know.

  6. Yes you nailed it. Some of you people are so clueless as to what Camp Simcha does – so just keep quiet. Many children in camp Simcha aren’t 100% frum. If a sports player is what makes them happy and brings so much joy to their sad lives so let them enjoy it. That’s what happened yesterday at camp. Maybe in Lakewood they can have a Rosh Yeshiva come but apparently that won’t brighten their day as much as an athlete, concert, show or whatever the activity is that day!

  7. Before you unload on a wonderful organization, Camp Simcha, that “this is who they bring in?” or “They can’t bring in a Gadol” etc. I know campers who were there, and indeed they did bring in Gedolim this summer and every summer too, so before you hate- gather accurate facts.

    Secondly, Camp Simcha sure posts videos & pictures of the Gadols visits on their websites, why isn’t that viral on Whatsapp or on all Jewish Websites? Since you see this players appearance in Camp Simcha and not the Gedolims pasted everywhere, isn’t that an issue of itself?

    So before you baselessly hate on a fantastic Organization doing wonderful things, Think. We just had Tisha B’av, keep up this baseless hate and you’ll have another one in 12 Months. Don’t let your close-minded ideals, fog the truth of a good deed helping those who need; step off your high throne of shrewd opinionated morals and think, maybe this is just what the kid wants.

  8. All the commenters here talking about how horrible this is are 100% correct! No one should be allowed to enjoy themselves or have pastimes, only toirah 24/7! We can’t talk to anyone who isn’t a gadol hador, and we for sure shouldn’t bring in someone who might make kids with cancer happy R”l. Obviously, it is assur to derive any type of enjoyment from someone you wouldn’t take as your rav.

    Get a grip people. Camp Simcha brings in gedolim and yiddishe singers every day. Some people enjoy baseball, so one time in the entire summer they brought in a baseball player too. If someone bringing a little simcha to kids with terrible sicknesses makes you angry, maybe you’re the problem.

  9. Judging from the timestamp of most of the commentators, I assume they are from people outside the US. Obviously they have no clue what Camp Simcha is about, and therefore write tasteless and achzoriesdike comments. Nebach…

  10. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a baseball player. Pete Alonso would be fine. The point is why bring a lowlife who causes brawls and looks like a mushchis

  11. Camp Simcha has a choshuveh Rav, Rabbi Eyson Feiner.

    I didn’t recall seeing him in the above video though.

    Was the Rav mekabel ponim the guest? Maybe the Rav was away when it happened?


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