Watch: Coronavirus Causes Dairy Farmers To Dump 25,000 Gallons Of Milk A Day


oronavirus has led to a drop in milk demand, leading dairy farmers to dump milk down the drain. FOX Business’ Grady Trimble with more.


  1. Deep State /Cabal not only want to depopulate the world according to per Bill Gates’ plan with corona virus, now they want to completely destroy the economy and food industry and create price rationing. We’ve just seen it in Israel with eggs where the govt wouldn’t release the eggs from the tons of eggs they stocked and wouldn’t allow private people to sell or share the eggs.

  2. What a shame they didn’t give it away. So many people can’t afford basic groceries right now. Is it only us yidden who think of giving tzedakah??? They could have easily called an organization to take it!


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