Watch: Cory Booker Gives A ‘Defund The Police’ Speech

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  1. But he’s a democrat so no one pays attention. Same with Todd kaminsky running for AG who wrote the no cash bail law as state senator. Does anyone care or only democrats allowed???

    • The republicans cannot say in advertisements that any of the Democratic Senators are for defund the police because thanks to the amendment of the republican senator which all the democratic senators voted for. That is why he said put in that we are for apple pie as well. Cory is brilliant, you should listen again to what he said.

  2. This bachur, Cory Booker, really did well when he ran for President. He almost got the nomination. He wants to give another $85 billion dollars in taxpayer cash to the Iranians. I encouraged him to do so.

  3. Can we defend Cory booker? Can we pass legislation prohibiting any of these “people ” from getting private security for themselves after Fosston their corrupt attitudes on everyone else

    • exactly. This website is about promoting one agenda and it is not the truth. Very sad and extremely disappointing. the same with the highlighting of Biden gaffes his gaffes are no more than Trumps.

  4. The headline and the deceptively edited video amount to an outright lie. Corey Booker did NOT give a speech favoring defunding the police. Exactly the opposite. He spoke against defunding the police. The full video is easily available on legitimate news sites.


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