Watch: Democrat Lawmaker Under Fire For Claiming ‘Black People Aren’t Free’

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  1. Like the proverbial boy, who cried “wolf” few times too many, this rhetoric has gotten tiresome, and outright boring. Nowadays, even when racial disparity is invoked correctly, people merely roll their eyes, and move on with their business.
    On top of that, when these same politicians and unelected public figures deliberately ignore the enormous amount of crime and outrageous violence in the black communities, or, worse yet, somehow twist those numbers to be the white man’s fault, they themselves become irrelevant and are deemed utterly stupid. The squad members are the prime example thereof.

  2. Under Democrats NO ONE is free. They are centralizing power under themselves at the Federal level and usurping State power (at least when the States are Republican) and criminalizing autonomy.

  3. She’s got a point. Underprivileged blacks in the slums of Saint Louis are petrified of those white supremacists in Idaho, that Chris Wray warned the nation about. That is our greatest threat. How can a poor helpless black in any inner city in this Country, advance in life when he knows some privileged WHITE male living in Montana has a Confederate flag hanging on his pickup truck???

  4. They are FREE!!!. Free to riot, murder, stop traffic, steal, and other forms of cultural entertainment encouraged by imbeciles in the press and the electorate.


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