Watch: Did Russia Put Bounties On US Soldiers? Nunes Weighs In


California Congressman Devin Nunes weighs in on the ‘Gang of Eight’ briefed by intelligence chiefs on Russia bounty allegations on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’



  1. Yes, they did. The intelligence does not get into the presidential daily briefing if it is not credible. The President continues to not protect the country and continues to politicize national intelligence. He did not let Gina Haskell brief Congress. He briefed the Republican separately. Stay on message.
    American soldiers were killed and Afghani men were paid by Russia. America warned our NATO allies. Why, if the intelligence is not credible. Nunes is just upset his case against a fake cow on twitter was thrown out of court. He is an embarrassment. Three years of investigations on Benghazi. Crickets on the sacrificing of American soldiers at the alter of Putin.


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