Watch: Dov Hikind Says You’d Slap Your Kid if He Behaved Like Donald Trump

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  1. He’s right on the mark. I agree %100 percent.
    I just can’t understand how heimisha people put Trump bumper stickers on their vehicles. He has the worst middos that’s shaich. He is a total opposite of the middos that the Torah wants US to follow. Even if we have to hold our nose and vote for him, we shouldn’t publicize it.

  2. And u wud arrest ur kid if they behaved like Hillary wud be nice if these people spoke with gedolim before opening their mouths in a public forum

  3. Whatever deficiencies Trump may or may not have, Hillary is the real pay-to-play crook who gave the nukes to Iran and provided all kinds of support for the Islamic Brotherhood. Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary. A vote for Hillary is a vote for genocide.

  4. If Hillary was my daughter I’d bring her to the nearest precinct and have her locked up for her crimes, before she grew up and would lead a life of stealing and deceit. Too late for that, but we can keep her out of office and keep her hand out of the cookie jar.

  5. The only thing I would say to Dov Hikind is that the main difference between both candidates – and this key- is of course one has to look at the candidate but one has to also look to what type of people this candidate will have on his team, at his side and in his cabinet. And to me it’s clear from the people that are early supporters of Donald Trump and the people who are actively campaigning for him that he will surround himself with good, decent and smart people who can help him steer this country back on track and the least of which some pro-Israel people in the State department and in his team.The alternative will be more of the same- which has been 8 years of failed leadership that has made this country what it is today. So the reasons for voting for Donald Trump are very clear.

  6. With all due respect Reb Dov, I think we all have a little perspective shifting to access. You assume that any of these people from day one can be trusted and their words reflect who they are deep down. In politics and in many things in life that is unfortunately not the case. The reality is these people say things that help get them elected. What we need to look at is the policy and character of the people who advise the candidates because that reflects really the direction of what the president will do. In the case of Donald Trump who is new to politics this is especially true. So who are the people whom he has surrounded himself? Carson, Guilioni, Sessions, Flynn, Pense, Christie? You tell me are these people clear or not?
    In regards to the character of Donald Trump. No one said he is a righteous man or saintly… But sometimes you need a man who has real drive to do and to get things done. I would look at America as a business that runs with some ethics. I wouldn’t look at America as that which sets the tone of all my ethics. For that we have G-d and the Torah and those who live by it. America is a great place but it’s not G-d’s home so let’s not confuse the too. I think Donald Trump has surrounded himself by principled people and he did that because he values them. We all know who will be better for the Jewish People!

  7. I am not sure he makes any sense. If Hillary is out , then vote for the lesser of two evils, period. Mimafafshach, if they are both evil, then come out and say I will not vote for any of them . If one is more evil than the other, you should say I will vote for the lesser of two evils. But as usual, Politicians talk in riddles and cannot be forthcoming

  8. Dov, we admire your work at home here in Brooklyn. But please explain what are you accomplishing with this? are you concerned for the Chinuch of the kids?? Don’t get it! Please don’t be disrespectful for the possible next commander in chief. And NO you don’t represent the voice for all of us… Donald trump would have never gotten this far had he not acted this way.. the world is dangerously following corrupt leadership so you need to push and shove to get to the front line. I’m pretty sure once he gets elected he will change his tone since he wont be surrounded by corruption. He is actually surrounded with good people – lets give him the hat! And last but not least – lets not forget this… “לב מלכים ושרים ביד ה” the heart of kings are in the hand of Hashem. May we hear the Shofar from Moshiach very soon!

  9. Dov you are so wrong on this. In this election the candidates temperament is irrelevant, the candidates view on Israel is irrelevant, the candidates view on foreign policy is irrelevant, the candidates view on the economy is irrelevant, the only relevant issue in this election is what type of justice is the future president is going to put on to the Supreme Court. Whoever is the president will get to choose a direction the country will be going for the next 30 Years. Donald Trump has listed 11 conservatives that he would choose from, we all know who Hillery will choose. What type of America do you want I want a great one.

  10. Did everyone forget what Bill Clinton and his immoral behavior caused to the previous generation. All day on the radio discussing clintons immoral behavior. Trump is a great guy. We need a businessman not a politician to help this country. Iran nukes,freezing the building of homes in israel,Supreme Court judges and keeping out the dangerous foreigners from terror countries. This concerns us.

  11. Here’s an article that appeared a few months ago in JP Updates:
    No Honest Parent Would Support Donald Trump

    Parents have many demands of their children. We expect from them certain behaviors, and we are disappointed when they don’t follow through. We also know that the most powerful way to communicate with a child is to lead by example. A child will more permanently internalize behaviors they see from their parents than they would mere instruction. Which makes it all the more peculiar that many parents are supporting Donald Trump.

    Don’t Brag: We tell our kids not to brag about themselves or of their accomplishments to others. It’s not nice. It’s unseemly. Yet, if one would want to use an example of whom not to emulate, it would be Donald Trump. Below is just a small sample of quotes from Donald Trump, via Politico:

    “I’m intelligent. Some people would say I’m very, very, very intelligent.”

    “Part of the beauty of me is that I am very rich.”

    “Rick Santorum? I have a big plane. He doesn’t.”

    “I win, I win, I always win. In the end, I always win, whether it’s in golf, whether it’s in tennis, whether it’s in life, I just always win. And I tell people I always win, because I do.”

    “…Of course, it’s very hard for them to attack me on looks, because I’m so good looking.”

    “Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest — and you all know it!”

    “Other rich people don’t do commercials because no one asks them. It’s just like ‘The Apprentice.’ I can’t tell you how many of my rich friends are dying, dying to have me put them on that show.”

    Think about what your reaction would be if your child spoke like that.

    Be Nice: We tell our children to be nice to others. We expect them not to be rude or nasty. Just last week, Donald Trump attacked his opponent’s wife on social media, mocking her looks as compared to his own wife’s. Here are some more prize quotes from Donald Trump:

    “Rosie O’Donnell’s disgusting. I mean, both inside and out. You take a look at her, she’s a slob.”

    “Arianna Huffington is ‘a dog.’ ”

    “George Will is a ‘moron’.”

    “Republican pollster Frank Luntz is a ‘total loser!’ ”

    “Chuck Todd is a ‘moron’.”

    “Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: ‘Obvious moron.’ ”

    “Michelle Malkin is a ‘dummy’.”

    “Brian Williams is a ‘dummy’.”

    “Graydon Carter? ‘Dummy’.”

    “John McCain is ‘not a war hero. … He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured, OK?’ ”

    “Truly weird Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky reminds me of a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain.”

    “I just realized that if you listen to Carly Fiorina for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache. She has zero chance!”

    “What a stiff, what a stiff, Lindsey Graham.”

    “Rick Perry ‘put on glasses so people think he’s smart. … People can see through the glasses.’ ”

    “Part of making a deal is denigrating your competition.”

    “I think if this country gets any kinder or gentler, it’s literally going to cease to exist.”

    How would you react if your child spoke to someone that way?

    Be Honest: We exhort our children to be honest. Well, Politico chronicled 4.6 hours of stump speeches and press conferences and found that Trump averages about one misstatement every five minutes. Not the poster boy for honesty, to say the least.

    Considering all of the above, how do you expect your children to ever take you seriously again if you support Donald Trump? By supporting Donald Trump, you are endorsing his behavior, not only for a decent human being, but for someone aspiring to assume the most powerful and prestigious office on the planet. So if your child ever cheats, brags, is ever dishonest or horribly nasty, you have no standing to criticize their behavior. You’ve supported it.

    An honest parent would make it a priority of rejecting Trumpian behavior.

  12. Being that either Trump or Hillary will become will become president anyhow there are limits to how strongly the frum community can speak against them and alienate them or their suppporters

  13. Come on Dov – what comes out of you???
    Nobody is electing the new Godol Hador. We’re electing the best out of the two candidates that will do less arm. If Liary Clinton is totally untrusted and out by all means – who’s left? Besides – he’s more pragmatic, more loyal and gives a big hope to finally break out of the Husein Clinton connection and to have a brighter future for America


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