Watch: First Selichos of 5779 Last Night with Yehuda Green in New York City




  1. Does anyone just say slichos with anymore? Everything has got to be a kumsitz style with dancing and singing! Waiting for a carlbach style kol nidrei

  2. Can we at least also get a video of Selichos in BMG for those who enjoy seeing Lomdei Toirah pouring their hearts out in Teffila without the singing and dancing

    MATZAV don’t you have a ounce of יראת שמים or do we have to publicize every ליצנות of the most היילגע תפילות!!!!
    What’s next a musical קול נדרי or נעילה????

  4. Two comments. 1 – Our Sephardic brethren have always sung their (all through Chodesh Elul!) selichos joyfully! 2 – With yeridas hadoros, this generation (of Ashkenazim) needs instrumental accompaniment, to arouse us sufficiently, to the levels achieved previously with vocals alone. Ever noticed how “pale” Simchas Torah looks compared to Simchas Beis HaShoevah, with famous singers, orchestras and boom boxes, the week before? Anyone still remember Yeshivas Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin, with hakafos continuing till the wee hours of the morn? The thrill of it, the pure ahavas Torah in the spirited dancing, in regular shuls too?

  5. Why can’t people just hold their phone or camera straight when taking a video? Why must they turn it and spin it untill it’s unwatchable? Everyone thinks they are the next photography expert? Do I really have to get dizzy just watching a 3 minute clip?

  6. My holy brothers and sisters this was a unbelievably wonderful experience which i hope to enjoy together again.
    HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!!!!!! the whole purpose of this event was to bring our holy brothers and sisters closer together . Achdus is the pillar of yiddishkiet. SHKOYACH

    • You are a smart man with a positive look on these kind of matters we need more holy people like you in the velt…..
      YES “HATERS WILL HATE” shkoyach to you my holy brother dont ever stop infusing the wold with positivity and i hope you enjoyed this spiritual and fun slichos i hope to be there with you next elul and be mekadish my SOUL!!!!!!!

  7. To all commentators:

    Be Vadai U’ Bevadai

    Selichos and all Tefilos should ONLY be done by dancing, guitars, harps, the whole band…

    Just like Dovid Ha Melech did in his time…

    Eivdu as Hashem Be Simcha !!!!!!!!!!

    Bring out the band, NOW !!!!!!!!!!

    Shir Shel Yom !!! SHIR< SHIR


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