Watch: Former Senator Calls Curtis Sliwa A Loudmouth

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  1. As people age, their brain seems to shrink. Al D’Amato was a friend of mine for many years. He was one of the original RINO’s (Republican In Name Only). Real Republicans scare him and if you watched the clip above carefully you would have heard him say “I ALMOST always support Republicans”. Over the years I’ve seen Curtis Sliwa at Official Republican Party events including the Presidents Dinner in Washington, DC. Not once did I see Alfonse D’Amato at any Republican event since he was defeated by Schumer for US Senate.
    Eric Adams seems to be a nice guy who is promising everything to everyone – a real politician. He is backed by those wishing to capitalize on his distribution of funds but they don’t particularly care about his positions on Critical Race Theory being taught to schoolchildren (possibly in Yeshivas) and protection for NYPD qualified immunity which Adams opposes. Compare what Sliwa has done in the past and what Adams has done. There is no comparison. Curtis Sliwa deserves our vote for Mayor of New York.

  2. Curtis Sliwa is not perfect, but his opposition is also short of that.

    Since he has helped us in the past, there is an obligation of הכרת הטוב as the Torah teaches, to show our gratitude, as was taught even with regard to מצרים, the Nile river, sand/soil, etc.

  3. Sliwa is not a real Republican, who registered as a Republican a few months before the election campaign, and the guy is an enemy of the frum community. Sliwa will try to do us a lot of damage if he ever gets elected. Adams will continue the DeBlasio’s socialist-fascist policies, which make life impossible for all middle class families, especially the frum community. NYPD was never been our friend; a typical cop is an arrogant little man with a big ego and an irrational hatred of religious Jews. No matter who wins, it will not be good for the frum community. There is only one rational solution: evacuate NY. Start now, and proceed in an organized manner over the next few years; or do nothing for a few years, and loose all your possessions when you’ll need to run for your life.


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