Watch: Hillary Says Trump ‘Not Qualified’ to Be President

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Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is not qualified to be president based on his past comments.

Clinton’s jab was made during an interview this afternoon when she was asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo if Trump is “qualified” to be president of the United States. Clinton said, “No, I do not.”

“I know how hard this job is. And I know that we need steadiness as well as strength and smarts in it,” Clinton added. “And I have concluded he’s not qualified to be president of the United States.”





  1. BS”D
    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    5 Iyar 5776 (May 13, ‘16)

    “Our Jewish Souls Are Eternal”

    OK Mommy! It’s going to be a week of booming all over the place boom boom boom. Sounds of actual war and tough and frightening threats. It will seem like the whole world has gone mad, crazy, Meshuga.

    We are running out of time. I suggest that all good Jews that are keeping Mitzvos should take stock of their lives and begin very seriously the process of Teshuva. And all of those Jews that feel Jewish and know that at least their mother was Jewish should start educating themselves in what it means to be a Jew from the Orthodox (religious) point of view, the most religious point of view of our Jewish people. Try to repent with all your heart and soul shedding tears over your transgressions.

    Everyone can see that the world is out of control. Even the Reshoim, the evil ones, are losing control because they have been deluding themselves for hundreds of years being sure, like the Rasha Nimrod, that they could overcome, Chas Vesholom, Hakodosh Boruch Hu. But before they enter their bunkers they will already have learned that only Hashem is Hakol Yachol. They will enter their bunkers with great fear because they will have a doubt if that will be their burial place or not.

    Am Yisroel the world was created for you, for us, for our eternal Jewish souls. We were not created from foreign material. Our souls were created with part of Hashem Himself and because of that our souls are eternal. Because of the fact that a part of Hashem was used by Him to create every true Jew including true converts we can rise very high spiritually and get closer and closer to our Creator, to our Father to the Hakol Yachol, Hakodosh Boruch Hu. So Am Yisroel if you are truly Jews with a precious Jewish soul you’ll be saved by Hashem no matter how difficult it may seem you’ll be saved by Hashem. You will have to do Teshuva and if you fight it, it will just be harder on you. But the eternal soul of the Yid only knows Truth so in the end the true Jew will repent completely. We will see death and destruction around us. We will see the world crumpling around us and we will stay whole. When it’s all done and the dust has settled and the water has quieted down and the sun shines again on us, on the earth we will be new people without the Yetzer Hora and at that point we will all be called to the Chupa and the wedding ceremony will begin.

    Gut Shabbos

  2. “Clinton says Trump is not ‘qualified’ to be president”

    Maybe so.

    But is Hillary “qualified” to be President either ? Doesn’t her strident support for nontraditional marriage disqualify her from the position ? Or has she been chosen to subvert the great USA even further ?

    P.S. Surely in a country of 319 million people the right candidate to lead the nation for eight years can be found. Someone with the right balance of Sefirotic qualities. (Ted Cruz seems pretty decent.) Oh and everyone should watch the Zika+ pandemic in the USA now. It really is a Black Swan/Mosquito Event that has “come out of nowhere”. Neither Clinton or Trump has made any decent policy statements about the Zika+ threat either. Who’s on the bridge of the ship ?

    • This is Clinton’s statement on Zika:

      ““The CDC is taking this threat seriously and it has been working closely with Puerto Rico. But I want to be sure that we are truly doing all we can to fight the Zika virus from spreading. That’s why I’m sending two of my Senior Advisors to travel to Puerto Rico on a fact-finding mission to learn more about how Zika is impacting the island, and to determine what more we can do to assist Puerto Rico in responding to this health crisis. Zika is an urgent problem and we need to act now.””

      I was unable to find any statement by Trump. The Republicans in the House of Representatives just voted to spend only 1/3 what the CDC says is needed to defend America against Zika — and they took it from money needed to combat Ebola! Trump is silent.

  3. They are both qualified to be President, as they are over 35 years old and natural born US Citizens.

    However, Trump would be an absolutely horrible President, using the power of the government to shut down opposition, ordering the US military to commit war crimes, giving tax breaks and government largesse to himself and his cronies, and inflaming ethnic and religious bigotry — yes, against Jews, too.

  4. Charlie. Trump is best for Jews. Orthodox Jews that is. Liberal secular left wing Jews hate Trump,hate Israel and hate Orthodox Jews. Trump is in line with us more than Hillary who is a flaming feminist. Bringing in millions of Syrians and others like them will turn America into another Europe. Every Shul will need police like in Europe today. Trump will wipe out ISIS while Hillary will welcome all their supporters into America to bring havoc on Americans especially Jews. Trump is best for us. Vote Trump

  5. I am not thrilled with Trump. I do hope that with the checks and balances we have in place, it would not be so easy to do what you’re concerned about.

    I realize that this seems minor compared to the future crimes you see Trump committing, but don’t the emails give you pause? I say this as someone who is not at all for Trump but might be able to hold her nose in Nov. I’m hoping that Moshiach will be here before, and that if not, somehow, there is still a viable other option.


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