Watch: Huckabee: Israel Celebrating End Of ‘Hostile’ Obama Regime


Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee reacts to PM Netanyahu’s optimism for improved relations under a Trump administration.




  1. Huckabee is a smart moral man. He would of made a GREAT President. It’s too bad the RINO’S threw him under the bus so fast he didn’t know what hit him. Now the sick RINO’S are left with Trump. Will they ever learn?

  2. (I’m unable to watch the video, so this post addresses just the headline.)

    While I don’t care for President Obama’s obvious disdain of Prime Minister Netanyahu, nor do I like his morally superior lecturing of Israel, calling Obama “Hostile” is very wrong. He’s continually defended Israel in the U.N. (now that’s a hostile organization) by vetoing anti-Israel resolutions, has just inked a huge new aid package for Israel, and advanced F-35 fighters are now going to Israel, too. Let’s appreciate the massive amount of support and aid the U.S. gives Israel, even when the administration isn’t as warm as we’d like.

    Is Obama filled with warm fuzzies toward Israel? Not at all. But hostile? Please. To twist a popular expression around, with enemies like this who needs friends?


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