Watch: Is Hillary Hiding Something Health-Related?

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  1. It clearly looks like a syringe. The whole thing, that she was so razzled. He had to do something for her. And that they got rid of him from the campaign trail.

    A secret service member will, never, ever, hold something that is unnecessary in his hand while on duty. He clearly didn’t need a pen; he did need a syringe.

  2. Don’t forget the seizure-like head motions in front of the reporters a while back, which she then blamed on the cold drink she was holding. She is falsehood, deviousness, and corruption incarnate. She will turn the White House into the biggest pay-for-play factory in history. Hashem yishmor v’yatzil.

  3. If you ask pertinent questions about Hillary’s health and her ability to lead an entire nation, you are labeled as declaring a mean spirited war on women. You only allowed to ask such questions about an evil white Republican racist.


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