Watch: Is This Modzitzer Niggun the Next Big Hit in the Chareidi World?


A newly-publicized song with words written by the Imrei Shaul of Modzitz is believed by some Chassidim to be the next hit melody in the chareidi world.

The words and the tune were composed by the rebbe.

Modzitz is renowned for its prowess in the world of neginah, and this niggun may be the latest example of this.

The words to the song come from a letter written by the Imrei Shaul:

“הוי דע לך כי נקודה אחת של אור מבריחה הרבה חושך ואפלות, ניצוץ אחד יוצא מתחת פטיש ההתחזקות ושורף את כל הקשות והחמורות.”

The following is a video of the present Modzitzer Rebbe leading a group of Chassidim in Tzefas singing the song on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan.


{ Israel News Bureau}



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