Watch: Jamie Geller Cooks Shabbos Seudah In 1 Hour

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Short on time? Cook a complete Shabbat dinner menu in less than 1 hour. With Israeli flavors and fresh ingredients everyone will love this easy menu. Israeli Carrot Salad, Chicken with Chickpeas and Kale, and Cocoa Rose Malabi.




  1. What about the preparation time of all those vegetables? What about going to the store and doing all the shopping?who’s going to schlep everything into the house. And then up three flights of steps. I like the look of the kitchen .

  2. who prepared all the food? Who chopped and measured, and cleaned up and had everything prepared beforehand? It will take more than an hour to have all the ingredients prepared like she has it. Not to mention shopping for all of the ingredients!

  3. What’s wrong with chicken, carrot salad and the desert they’re are most definitely shabbos foods. Who has cholent Friday night during the meal anyway, She did say you can make gefilte fish if you are so inclined. Sorry but not everyone has the same meal every week and last I checked that’s not kefira…

  4. This was meant for the rich and famous, not your average aim biyisroel.
    Maria and Olga are the ones doing the chopping and schlepping and cleaning. Didn’t you know that?
    Isnt this how Rebbitzen Kaniefsky used to fersach? Sure, it definitely looks lie her kitchen. That’s how you produce Talmedai chachomim.


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