Watch: Joey Newcomb Entertains at The NYC Subway

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  1. Sara stern, if you’d nonchalantly reached over a little girl, only to be lambasted and threatened for endangering a child, a completely ridiculous claim, even IF, and thats a big if, it WAS done in a rude way, youd probably also want to record it to defend yourself, so, grow up, and stop kowtowing to bullies

  2. Just got back from a chassuna in the Palace in Boro Park where Joey came in with his guitar and electrified the oilam. He had the place rocking. I like his constant smile. They had Joey Newcomb and Avromie Berko singing, with Shtendik on the keyboard. It was mamesh awsome.

  3. Chayim… if it was me I would have apologized and walked away. She wasn’t recording to defend herself…she was looking for an opportunity to make a “matzav”. Seriously, I was embarrassed to see how she kept coming back for more. Had she been afraid of being assaulted she would have walked away. So obviously a plea for a you tube moment.


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