Watch Live, 11:30 AM ET: Shiur from Rabbi Avrohom Dovid Waxman on the Minhag of Reciting Hallel During Maariv on Pesach, and How Many Kezeisim of Matzah at the Seder

Live at 11:30 AM EST
Rabbi Avrohom Dovid Waxman, author of the Minchas Halevi seforim, Shivti Rosh Chabura (Bais Efraim Zvi) and noted Yated Ne’eman Halacha columnist, will speak about the minhag of reciting Hallel during Maariv, and how many kzaysim of Matzah one is required to eat at the seder.
Call 732-301-6461 (please mute your phone)
(Please note: this conference line is to be used only for Rabbi Waxman’s shiur)
For those who currently use Zoom for business purposes, you can join this shiur on Zoom.
(Shivti would like to thank the chabura at Bais Efraim Zvi for hosting the Zoom shiur and granting public access to all who wish to join.)
Zoom conference # 656 215 7625
Password 297986
NOTE: Please mute your phone/microphone and disable your webcam/camera.


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