Watch: Man Saves BBQ Ribs From Apartment Fire

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RIBS[Video below.] A California man who rushed into his apartment to save a rack of barbecue ribs from a nearby fire gave an interview to a local news cameraman on the scene–and video of the interview has since gone viral.

Robert Wright was grilling meat at around 3 a.m. at his apartment in Fresno when a fire broke out in a neighbor’s unit, according to local Fox affiliate KMPH.

After first securing his family, Wright headed back inside and saved what any of us would: the rack of barbecue ribs left on the grill.

“I was barbecuing man, and I see this fire just come out of the window and the window busted out,” Wright told KMPH photojournalist Ryan Hudgins, who was on scene covering the fire.

“The only thing I think first man, ‘make sure them ribs is right,’” Wright continued.

“I got my kids first, first thing I got my kids, and then I thought about my ribs, like ‘I don’t wanna let my ribs burn and stuff,’ cause I take pride in what I do, man.”

The video is an instant classic – not because Wright saved the rack of ribs, which I’m sure any of us would do. It’s because he holds them up on a spit for the entire duration of the interview. And they really do look delicious.

Check out Wright’s full interview BELOW:

{ Newscenter}


  1. If bal tashchit is important for treif meat, then kal v’chomer it is important for kosher meat.
    We should all be zocheh to perform this mitzvah properly.

  2. Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk.

    The meat to the bone is not the day to the L-rd.

    This is the dumbest guy story I have read in the discretion of any tragedy being any sort of “blessing” for the idea that a “mitzvah” could have been performed.

    This guy is a hag and his mind is a hog.

    Stay tuned. Oscar Meyer has a new spokesperson.

    Lame Lame Lame Lame Lame.


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