WATCH: Meghan McCain Rips COVID-19 Hypocrisy

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  1. It’s only confusing for sheeple who foolishly think this entire coronavirus, lockdowns and quarantines is a health issue. It’s not confusing at all when you know it’s a political matter and remember that President Trump clearly described coronavirus as ‘invisible enemy’ and America will defeat it. Which is why Meghan McCain would not go to the Trump’s rallies since her father was from the first to be coronavirused which she admitted here:

    • Sounds like Stalin to me. Watch out, his supporters did not always escape the purges, nor the famines that followed.

  2. Johnny Mac’s daughter needs to be educated a little bit as to what the park opening was all about. As we know from following news, it has to do with the fact that in most cases only a few blocks away, the parks were wide open for the shkutzim with no restrictions whatsoever.

    If dumblasio would have had the same treatment across the board, it would have been helpful.

  3. “the parks were wide open for the shkutzim with no restrictions whatsoever” because שומר פתאים ה׳ HKB”H is watching over His yiddishe children.

  4. I can not understand why this is worthy of being posted on this chashuva website. Who cares what the daughter of a dead and evil politician on a ladies daytime TV show says and especially here. Really!


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