Watch: Message from a Reader: Those Out and About, You’re Killing Us

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    • You are allowed to drive if you have to go somewhere important. It’s definitely better than walking in a crowded area, taking crowded public transportation or shopping for non essentials in a crowded store.
      She’s only telling the truth!

    • Jake, this lady is begging for her life and the lives of others, and this is what you have to say?
      And then you claim it’s antisemitism when the goyim complain.

  1. Where’s your outcry on doctors killing patients? Sick people brought to hospital escorted by family or friends who are immediately sent to the waiting room. A few minutes later, the doctor comes out declaring the patient died. Happened to several people, esp. elderly.

  2. You mean “ Your Holy Talmiday Chachamim “ are buying shoes and hair accessories???
    Or are my “ Talmiday Chachmim” saying some “Tihillim” to make sure that these nut jobs get enough brains to stay home????

    • There are plenty people saying Tehillim who are in quarantine. What does she have against saying tehillim? There are plenty of talmidei chochomim who called for self isolation. True, people should not be shopping for clothes in shuls now but some people don’t have media, including social media, to get the point across to them. This lady is out of touch with reality? Does she really think these women would go online and watch her? She was obviously not putting this video for these people to change. So what is the purpose of it? And what is the purpose of this website and other Jewish websites for putting this snd others like it online? It’s obviously not to change the people. All this does is give fodder to anti-semites and those who want to see all chassidic Jews (and they are not all like this) in a bad light.

    • שומר פתאים ה’ is on you hurting yourself, not when you are going to kill someone else. She is right! She does have a suspiciously accurate pronunciation and is well versed in the subtleties of our community. And, with it all she was not condescending or cynical, just fair and mostly factual!

  3. She’s a hundred percent right but everyone has to understand that people who have internet are acutely aware of what’s going and follow the rules. If you don’t have internet, you don’t really understand the severity of what’s transpiring.

  4. Gotta agree with her. Why in the world are you outside buying anything you don’t need for right now. I will try to be dan lekaf zechus. Many people in our community only have kosher phones, don’t have internet. don’t listen to the radio. Some people are really clueless about how serious this is.

  5. There is no rebuttal at the very least it causes anti semitism and in all probability these idiots are murdering people

  6. Well said!!! Finally someone let’s them know what we all think of those who feel they’re above it all and don’t follow any rules and will cause sickness and death due to their stupidity.

  7. LISTEN, just listen… This is a time to listen and do what you are supposed to do, required to do, mechuyav to do… Get it?

  8. She is correct! We as a people are supposed to be smarter and more seicheldik than this! It is also a Chillul HaShem by showing that supposedly observant people are ignoring these very important government edicts.

  9. Sorry ma’am, crowds in the store are not killing YOU. If one of them is sick, why would he kill YOU if you’re sitting in the car looking out to speak against Jews? If anything will kill YOU, it’s loshon hora on Jews.

  10. She is 100% right! It’s all about themselves. Just because they don’t care (or are not knowledgeable enough to understand), doesn’t mean we all have to suffer. These people are going to be killing their Bubbies and Zaydes over Yom Tov. At least they’ll have nice shoes to wear by the Levaya, if they’ll be allowed to attend.

    We know they are not either Bobov, because both of them told everyone to stay home. So did Reb Ahron of KJ. Who do these people take orders from?!?

  11. Sorry ma’am, crowds in the store are not killing YOU. If one of them is sick, why would he kill YOU if you’re sitting in the car looking out to speak against Jews? If anything will kill YOU, it’s loshon hora on Jews.

  12. She has left her house!! She lies. And shoes are necessary. Grvald zi iz ah machsyfe. Every one will see by iyar this hole diesease iz a lie.

  13. The despise she has for the frum world is evident in her every gesture.
    As if what she saw is the viewpoint of truth. All stores are locked up except in WIlliamsurg!
    Why are all Talmidey Chachamim old??
    And only old, outdated people are foolish enough to be Talmidey Chachamim.
    I happen to agree that we shouldn’t be out there shopping for shoes, but that does not make saying Tehillim stupid.

  14. What about Manhattan? And the beaches and the parks? Even if she has a point why are we giving her a platform here? What about everyone else ignoring social distancing? The Arab mosques in Brooklyn and weddings in Staten Island, etc. Enough of the hate towards Chassidish and Orthodox people.

  15. Most of us here in Williamsburg are very careful, and we don’t need to take the blame for others. Don’t say Williamsburg when you know that Prospect Park didn’t look better over the weekend. Selfish people exist everywhere. And you are welcome to stay out
    of Williamsburg… Go back to where you belong; you might also just survive corona without spreading more hate.

  16. This is such a chilul Hashem. I am ashamed even though I am following orders.

    What is wrong with people. Lots of people had to rearrange their life because of this virus. Chasenehs brisim bar mitzvah s all have to be seriously rearranged.

    People’s Pesach arrangements have to be refigured. People don’t know how they will pay for food and housing.

    You are worried about new shoes for your kids and hair ornaments. Where are your priorities.

    This is real. People are very sick. Our Gedolim are telling us to pay attention to this and you are buying shoes.

  17. She’s not a meshugana for what she said. She’s absolutely right! My husband and I fall into the category of people who need to stay home and we do. We have no kids over. Any adults who come over keep a distance, stay only briefly to bring supplies and then quickly leave. My husband keeps up with friends, family and chavrusas by phone. The streets in my neighborhood, which is actually extremely chassidish and crowded with sizable families, are largely deserted for almost the entire day. That’s how the oilem should take it.

  18. Why are people waiting on line to buy shoes you can order via text. Due to the corona outbreak we are now offering an order by text option.

    Text in your order to
    732 646 5655.
    Include your name and credit card info.

    You will receive a text as soon as your order is ready for pick up

    All returns must be dropped off at the pick up location the next day by 12pm to receive a refund.

  19. She is 100 percent right- what are you teaching “our” children- a pair of shoes or headgear matter more than life. I understand yom Tov is coming but where are our priorities- Think about someone else for a change your parents, grandparents, elderly neighbors etc. Also why are you defying authority if you make exceptions and break the law that is what your children see and they will show no respect too. Not to our rabbis our elderly or even their own parents And yes you will be to blame- SHAME ON YOU!

  20. Shes begging for the lives of our Talmidei Chachumim while putting down Tehillim written by one greater than anyone living in our generation! shes trying to make a point while saying chasidim are not better then the law.. We cant take mussar from someone like her….there is some hate in the way she speaks… She is only correct in saying that we need to listen to the doctors and our talmedei chacomim… the rest is innapropriate trash talking… she should not have a platform on a frum website!

  21. All of you naïve people please please you do not hear her dripping sarcasm? She hates frum people with a passion-this is just an excuse! Should people listen to the law and rabbanim-YES! But this person is not someone that we should be listening to.

  22. The idea that g o helps those who help themselves is a goyisha idea. Tehillim does help! That being said obviously you shouldn’t be buying shoes……

  23. I am proud of Matzav for posting this
    Everyone is so scared to say the truth – and we are dealing with safeik nefashos!
    If YOUR father was dying in the hospital, what would YOU say?

  24. Here we go. The normal people will say she’s right and the Meshuganas will call her an Antisemite.
    If one good thing comes out of this is the split that will occur.
    All through history we have had splits.
    Perushim vs. Tzedukim
    Pro-Shabbtai Zvi vs. Anti-Shabbtai Zvi
    Misnaged vs. Chasidish (before rejoining)
    Orthodox vs. Reform
    And now we have those that believe in following science and gov’t laws (within keeping Torah) vs those that want to live in the clouds where nothing matters but thier extremism and selfishness. They could care less if other people die because of them, or if it increases Antisemitism.

  25. Not sure why you have to post a comment from a self hater. Yes, fasting does help, and keeping off the street helps as well. She has a lot of good points but she is still A hater,by knocking everything else and trying to make a point that the people waiting outside in line, think they are better than everyone else that’s an old anti-Semitic way of thinking, do all the non-Jewish millennials out on the beaches in Florida also think they’re better than everyone else? Why all the bashing against only our people? so she loses her credibility. You could’ve posted a mature person requesting people to stay home. She is not the voice of the people.

  26. With all due respect to all the holier-than-thou haters posting here:
    Yesterday was the last day that stores were allowed to be open, and no one knows for how long they will be closed. They were doing their last minute errands and kid’s shoes can be important.
    These Williamsburg women do not have the choice of shopping on-line like you do. They are in a state of panic as it is. Stop the judgement. Your bashing is NO mitzvah.

  27. If someone else would have said what she said, you wouldn’t argue, so just admit that what she said is 100% correct

  28. Does she know Yiddish?

    Let her give her mussar shmuz in mamma lushen to the Billburg folks.

    Or maybe Hungarian??

  29. Forget what she said. why are there still private minyanim? As I said above some people aren’t taking this as seriously as they should. There is a famous line “We met the enemy, and it is us.” When we say vehakodesh boruch hu masilanu miyadam.” We may be asking Hashem to protect us from ourselves. Let us do tshuva. I look at our situation as a churban bais hamikdosh and gezaras smhmad 2020 version. Hopefully, we’ll get through this with the third bais hamikdosh benhaira biyamanu.

  30. Unfortunately as early in history as הפטרת-וישב a pair of shoes seem to be more important than human life. Some years back, a teenager was murdered in Central Park for his sneakers. ברוך שלא עשני סאטמאר. I hope they are not too sick with Corona virus so that they can also celebrate יום-העצמאות lavishly too, in 5 weeks.

  31. Stop The Spread campaign continues, and the need for Zechusim as a protection against the Coronavirus is greater than ever.

    To date, over 5,600 have accepted the pledge to not write, forward or post any negative or hurtful messages about others for 14 days. This self-quarantine is being taken on as a Kaballah to show Hashem that we understand the consequences that a simple germ or comment can cause when let loose on the world, and allowed to spread unchecked.

  32. Not saying she is inherently wrong but quite frankly people like her who went driving around in Williamsburg (presumably) looking to find people in non compliance aren’t the right ones to give over the message.

    That us just the way the world works. People don’t take advice from those who bad mouth others and have goals that are antithetical to their own. Nor should they.

    On another I’m sure the rage is limited to frum people

    How about NJ making an exception in their lockdown for liquor stores?

    Or California, not only making an exception for marijuana stores, but for the entire cannabis supply chain like farmers, distributors, manufacturers and testing labs –which are all considered too “essential” and too sacred to be subject to the California lockdown rules?

    I haven’t seem even a whimper of protest about that anywhere

  33. Hey Billburg, an old expression came to mind.

    If the shoe fits, wear it!

    (If the old shoes are holy, do something about it).

  34. ימכור אדם כל מה שיש לו ויקח מנעלים לרגליו – שבת קכט:א

    אל תמנע מנעלים מרגליך – פסחים קיב:א

    אבל לכאורה זה באין לו מנעלים כלל, לא אם יש לו כבר וקונה חדשים אעפ”כ

  35. For all those who are upset because she is self hating…… that is fine you don’t have to listen to her. Listen to me cause I love all Jews . STAY HOME !!! I wish they would bring out marshal law and stop this. I am writing this message with 102.9% temperature…… can anyone please tell me one gadol who said that it’s important to buy unnecessary items….. contrary there are rabbonim that are trying to find heterim/kulos to ease the burden from pesach cleaning. Shame on anyone who uses a kulla of any sort after going out and buying shoes.

    • The word is MARTIAL law, not marshal. There are martshalls in the military but it’s martial law. Don’t ask me. I didn’t invent English spelling, which is admittedly so full of exceptions, that rare is the rule that holds water.

  36. No need to bash tehillim etc or to imply that people think they are better than others. Make your point respectfully and you might get somewhere. Also,say it with love and not hatred. Finally, judge people favorably- the fact is that those with no radio and internet take a little longer to grasp the severity. By now, everyone gets it

  37. Please stop with the hateful language. Just listen for your own good. All Rabbonim, Doctors, Askanim and politicians have basically said the same thing. Perhaps, not as bluntly. Nevertheless, stay home. Keep your kids home. If you must go out, only one family member do so. Please keep social distancing!
    By the way, the Hungarians in BP and Williamsburg are, sadly, very few and far between at this point.
    Also, despite what you say, the majority of BP, Williamsburg, Monsey and Monroe women are pretty savvy shoppers and have their ways to shop on Ali Express and all these other sites that I only hear about from them. My age group hasn’t a clue about most of these sites. Please give them credit for using their brains, at least when it comes to shopping, if nothing else.


  39. crarosner March 23, 2020 at 10:38 pm
    Please stop with the hateful language. ……
    Please give them credit for using their brains, at least when it comes to shopping, if nothing else.

    Your own mussar applies to you as well. They have a least as much brains as you seem to have.
    You and so many other commenters are bursting with hate in these difficult, unprecedented times.
    But, of course, hating and hacking on Williamsburg doesn’t count. You’re all super ready for Moshiach.

  40. Does this woman preach to religious Jews on what she picks and chooses. What about all the liberal agendas that destroy society. Why is she no screaming about the immoral behavior of the lefty agenda.

  41. yet another infection going viral in our community and spoke about the destructive effects of conflicts that create terrible rifts within the Jewish community

  42. Honest to goodness – the total view is positive – everybody is trying to do their very best!

    Why did Hashem create us with two eyes?
    With the right eye we should see the good in others.
    With the left eye we should look deep inside – and search for meaning and purpose!

    Jumping to conclusions is not a very good exercise.

    As long as messages are delivered with a mix of caring, concern and compassion it will go a long way.

    Before we post -re THINK -ask yourselves is it
    THINK -T-thoughful? H-helpful? I-inspirational? K-Kind?

    May we all experience our personal and ultimate redemption, amen!

  43. to brian rozen if she is correct and we as a people are supposed to be smarter and more seicheldik – she also said we are not more special or better than anyone else

  44. It’s hard to believe that anyone bashing anyone, in either direction, is helpful.
    Want to broadcast an urgent message? State facts, suggest solutions.
    Want to respond, or defend? Do so, without counter-attack.
    Why post, for example, that a fellow yid is an “OTD rashanta”? Is that kiruv?
    Insults in this eis tzara can only cause harm, c”v.

    • Get over it. She was making up all kinds of lie’s and bashing frum people. She is an otd. She has no right to bash frum people. You can’t pick and choose what part of yiddishkeit you want to keep.

  45. No one is listening to you enyway the people who agree with you are staying home with out your speech and the people who don’t agree our not planning to change so if your so worried the chofez Chaim promises a long life to those who gourd their mouth and why make a chillel hashem


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