Watch: Neturei Karta Exiting Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s Office

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  1. Psychos,self hating Jews . By Hitler they collaborated with the Nazis until they were no longer needed than they too were executed.

  2. what animals these נואפים sickos are, why do we have to see these discraced people on matzav?? shame on them ! THEY ARE NOT JEWS!!

  3. As a Satmar chassidiste I am
    very very embarrassed. This has NOTHING to do with us.
    These guys think that the goyim love them if they’re not Zionists? Halacha b’yedua she Aisav soneh l’yaakov. We do not need reminders, unfortunately.
    How narrow mindedly ignorant. And how disloyal…
    Shame shame



  5. I don’t have a problem that she is a Muslim. Being a Democrat is much, much worse. Nothing wrong with being a regular moderate Muslim. But the platform of the Democrat Party is the opposite of any normal religion, doesn’t matter Jewish, Christian, or Muslim.

  6. Someone one asked Hirsh from neturei karta after his meeting with Arafat, “don’t you realize arafat is just using you?” To which he answered: “yes, he is using us and we are using him”. Now, watch the video again…..
    They are simply using each other for their own goals. Tlaib is using them for her antisemitism and they are using her for their agenda which is the fact that zionism is not accepted by ANY gedolei yisroel which is something we have all lost track of. When viewed in this light, they are not the mushchasim that you think they are…..unless ofcourse we have all lost site of the fact that virtually all gedolei yisroel were against the establishment of the state…..
    you can disagree with them, and i do as well. BUT, understand what they are doing. Actually, it’s quite brilliant!!

    • I guess, in the Mikva you use Harav Kook Zt”l is not considered a Godol B’Yisroel. What about Rabbi Avraham Yakov of Sadigura Zt”l (nifter in 1961)?
      By the way, do you know what the Sochochover Rebbe – the Avnei Nezer Zt”l thought of Zionizm? you can check that up in V’Yoel Moshe…

      In fact, the vast majority of Gedolei Yisroel didn’t consider the existence of the Sate of Israel as an absolute problem for itself, but as something that has both benefits and disadvantages. As the Chazon Ish has described the situation of the Chareidi Jewry after the establishment of the Jewish State “Like a very wealthy person who has all he needs, but he suffers from toothache” (B’fihem 363). Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Zt”l, who was very far from being ‘Religious Zionist’, has also ruled that one may recite the ‘Hallel’ on Israel’s independence day – although without a Bracha “since the Geula is not complete yet” (Yabia Omer 6:41)

      The late Rabbi Aharon of Belze Zt”l has answered [by letter] upon the inquiry of his nephew Rabbi Yakov Yosef of Skver Zt”l (asking for his opinion on the founding of the State), that the establishment of the State of Israel is a positive thing “So Yidden should have were to put their heads to rest” – after the holocaust.

      Except for granting international legitimacy to Palestinian terrorism, what else did the Neturei Karta accomplish throughout the years?

  7. Big deal…did they bring her some Old Williamsburg for a L’chaim? How bout herring? The room prob smells now…maybe she needs some air freshener…

  8. To the Anti Zionist comment “virtually all gedolei yisroel were against the establishment of the state…..”YET ALL GEDOLEI YISROEL HAVE AND ARE LIVING IN ISRAEL.

  9. To

    Not why why you post these. It is mamash apokurses avoida zora. We don’t need to see this.
    A previous commenter stats how we shouldn’t give them press. I don’t even count them in. I am referring to us me you our children etc.
    why post this ????

    Happy Purim may we merit to Vinehafoch Hu. Them included.

  10. Hey “anti Zionist “ are you also anti- sechel?
    Virtually all the gedolim who were against the state, NEVER went to kiss up to rotzchim and anti semites.

    So these ppl shown above ARE mushchusim


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