Watch: New Artist, “Certified Shadchan,” Performs at Ateres Avrohom Hall with Blue Melody

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  1. It’s sefira why you putting music videos? Or is that the only thing bothering people watching this video

  2. Shame for having sing at a yiddisha Holy wedding, And SHAME on MATZAV for posting it. I like a good laugh but this is Shameful. Gut Shabbos.

  3. what the excuse for posting music during sefira? for the entertainment or is it as an excuse for those who hold the second half? in that case please think about all the thousands that are forbidden to listen to music & the Sin of Lifnei eiver…. causing others to sin Chas V’shalom


    we appreciate if until lag ba’omer there is no more music posted

  4. The type of people commenting will sue the spoon manufacturer for getting fat. Yes, it’s sefira. Great job. Some people are keeping first half some aren’t. It’s also shabbos in some parts of the world. Oh no, lifnei iver! I would also rather have this guy sing at my wedding than the guy complaining about the holy yiddishe wedding.

    Good shabbos.

  5. Simple. If you’re keeping the first half of sefira or if you don’t approve of this video, turn it off. No one is forcing anyone to watch!


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