Watch: Nikolsburger Rebbe Rebuts Rumors Of Buying Last Reform Shul In Boro Park

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Unsubstantiated reports of the last Reform shul in Boro Park being sold to the Nikolsburger Rebbe were put to an end today, when R’ Jungreis posted a video denying the claim.

According to the rumor, reported by some media outlets, R’ Mordechai Jungreis paid $3 million to purchase the Progressive Temple Beth Ahavath Sholom, located on 15th Ave. and 46th Street in Boro Park.

R’ Jungreis, who is known for his shul in Woodbourne, which is home to minyanim around the clock during the summer months, was said to have bought the Temple to open a similar project in Brooklyn.

Watch below for R’ Jungreis’s own words on the matter:





  1. Could the power of Israel remove the reform just by buying up their synagogues?

    Probably an expensive plan. The idolatry is still too great in their company.

    Think hard worry when you hear of an unaffiliated jew. He does not know the synagogue and does not even often keep kosher. If you have to discuss the need to remove the pork from his plate, he will be often never happy to hear that that chicken is better.

    Its absurd. The abominations that they guard are terror always.

    No jew can live in any society where the other Israelite wants to add the abomination. Reform must be discussed and so too conservative judaism.

    Dare we think that a mechitza will be established in the bought up reform synagogue if this is a true actual purchase? I would be glad to hear.

  2. There is no such as a Reform “SHUL”. A Shul is where you Daven to the Ribono Shel Olam. A Reform TEMPEL
    is a circus and speeches about the environment in the jungles of Mozambique.

  3. “the last Reform shul in Boro Park”

    That implies that there were multiple ones.

    As someone that lived in the area for many years, that is the only such Temple I recall being there.

    I propose changing the language to “the only Reform Temple” there.

    P.S. By the way, a few years ago, his cousin, the late Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis z”l, spoke at that Temple.

  4. Info,
    I recall one on corner of 49st on 14th Ave. I still have memories, how on Rosh Hashanah some members used to go out to buy The Times at the break.

    • That was Temple Emanuel, which was Conservative, not Reform.

      It went out of business some years ago and the building was demolished. It was acquired by Bobov-45.

  5. We should have monthly protest rallies against the reform temple just as these reform come every month to protest against us at the Kossel.

  6. Good idea.
    And maybe do the protests on shabbos and yell shabbos at those driving to temple. This way they will have less members as their old members will not want to tangle with Boro park Chassidim.


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