Watch: Oorah Employees Celebrate R’ Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin’s Release


The “Rubashkin saga” has brought about unity in the Jewish community and yesterday we heard of its happy ending.
Today, in celebration of the release of R’ Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin, the Oorah employees broke out in spontaneous dancing and singing right in the middle of the office hallway!



  1. He and his family have certainly suffered unjustly but he is no hero and certainly no maharam mi’rottenberg. Why the public celebrations? parties in lakewood? what happened to the beis medrash? what a sham! boro park? nothing better to do? why have there been no spontaneous outbreak of introspection regarding the loss of 4 young people who’s lives were taken in the fire on chanukah. nothing remotely close to the proportion of what people are doing for this individual who was in a federal prison for a crime that he did commit. most people would not even think of disturbing their chanukah party to walk a few block to the funeral but for this sh’tus there is plenty of time to waste. This is another horrible and ugly display of the distorted sense of priorities that our out of control orthodox community has. we have fallen to a new low. What a massive chillul Hashem. We have no shame, nothing whatsoever and certainly no leaders that can knock a drop of sense in us. shame on Matzav and the other Jewish websites that likewise have no leadership and promote whatever stupid nonsense is popular among the foolish masses. They are no different than the post and daily news. mi kiamcha yisroel! a pathetic people who prides them themselves on glamorous shallow chessed organizations that look great in the newspapers but have no real inner values or sense of shame or moral priorities. pathetic really. where are the rabbanim? rabbis, admorim, Roshei Yeshiva? Is this really Daas Torah. who are you kidding? wake up! we know they are out to lunch with the rich and famous. is anyone out there that still have a pulse? shame on us. it does not seem there is any hope anymore. save all your nasty repulsive responses for yourselves. you are part of the problem.

    • Get a life! Stop being so bitter and go take a breath of some fresh air.
      Please don’t contaminate us with your distorted views

    • When the Simchos of one yid is felt by so many yidden, that in itself is reason to celebrate. I Daven that your heart will open with ahavas yisroel and feeling for another Jew. Religious self righteousness is what got us into golus and all our problems. Baseless love is what will get us out! If he was your brother, or father, you wouldn’t talk that way. Moshiach is around the corner, when ALL Jews will feel united as one family. We just got a really good taste of what it will feel like. I hope you can start feeling it too! MOSHIACH NOW

  2. Wait!
    What’s bothering you so much?
    The fact that these spontanious outbreaks of celebration are taking place in all communities in honor of Sholom Mordechai’s release, means that THOUSANDS of people think otherwise.
    Maybe it didn’t bother you that much that he was in prison, so you don’t feel the relief that he was let out.
    We did and we are now celebrating.

  3. David, you have very bad middos and show that you’re motzi atzmo min haklal, you show that you’re excluding yourself from of it. Now when klal Yisrael is rejoicing and showing achdus and we are considered as one person (as mentioned in this week’s Parsha ‘shivim nefesh – 70 “soul”, not souls’) we’re like 1 big family. If a member of a family did something improper, there’s a time for mussar and a time to rejoice together with him and overlook his misdeeds. It’s stated that when a person received malkoss because he committed a severe crime, before the malkoss he’s called ‘rasha’ but after he was hit, he’s considered ‘achicha – your brother’. R’ Sholom Mordechai after languishing in jail away from family, friends and relatives and suffering bizyonos and hardship for 8 years, he definitely is on the level of ‘achicha – your brother’ and towards a brother you act differently. Be’achicha tedaber beven imcha titen dofi? Is it appropriate to talk negative on your brother now?

  4. I’m sorry David. You are wrong. There are many areas in which our communities are lacking proper hadracha, but this is not one of them. I don’t know how many ppl were at the levaya but I do know that klal Yisrael is crying and davening for the Azan family. I also know that the gofundme page for them has raised about $400,000 in three days. I don’t think we are treating that tragedy lightly. Your need to recognize that unfortunately in our times, ppl are over stressed and anxious and find it emotionally difficult to handle this sort of tragedy. On the other hand, a Simcha is what we needed. And B”H, that is what we got. You are wrong about SMR. Learn the facts. Read the case. The crime was almost nothing. He stole nothing. He lied about his income on a loan application. millions of others do the same when applying for mortgages or credit cards. He was repaying the loan. The antismite judge was looking to put him away. Look how many non-Jewish supporters he had including high ranking gov. officials. We dance for Simchas and I hope to dance for other Simchas in klal Yisrael as well.

  5. Saw your other comments in a similar vein….I think you need to see a professional to rid yourself of accumulated anger and what not, festering, growing like a cancer in your heart. Please do yourself a favor and get help..

  6. While i think David is going to raked over the coals by everyone, he is making sense. He DID commit a crime, while we think it is extensive, that is because we see people committing violent crimes getting less time. and we can not imagine that a gang member get 2 years for killing someone and SR got 27.5 years.
    White collar crime is at times punished more severally because most people will not even enter their mind to shoot someone, but a lot of people will cheat to get a few extra bucks, and there is a need to make stronger deterrents. THERE WERE OTHER PEOPLE WHO COMMITTED SMALLER WHITE COLLAR CRIME and GOT THE SAME SENTENCE!!! Chalana McFarland got 30 years, and Cornelius Robinson got 27 years for a 4 million dollar fraud, (even w/o and prosecutor meddling the loss was more then 4 million).

  7. @David one of the few sensible comments I’ve seen on the subject! I only pray that there are more people who feel this way. Otherwise we are totally lost.

  8. I can only feel sad for a fellow Jew who cannot join along with huge numbers of their fellow brethren. Yes, when there is sad news we cry together, and when we hear good news we rejoice. In fact, it is precisely because we just all went though the terrible news of the fire, so soon after the loss of one our Gedolei Yisroel, that this wonderful news felt like a smile from Heaven (think of the spices by Mechiras Yosef…)
    It is also worth pointing out that these celebrations were spontaneous. We simply felt a tremendous amount of simcha, no easy way to explain it. Again, I just feel bad for you that you missed out on this beautiful sharing of emotion that we experienced.

  9. This is a Jewish site for B’ nei Rachmanim. The rest should find another outlet for their personal bias, inconsiderate imfarginta hearts. There are plenty sights that cater to the negative agendas. BY US YIDDEN….ACHDUS, A YIDDISH CARING HARTZ IS ABOVE EVERYTHING.
    if Hashem, the judge of all judges can forgive and release, who are we to think otherwise. And…..
    The way you treat your brother is the way Hashem will return the favor. Onward with simcha and love!
    DAVID Be aware…

  10. David is on the mark. It is you other guys who need serious help. How can you glorify this. Be happy and thankful to Hashem but to celebrate in public like chickens without heads is not the Torah way. Not at least the way I was raised by my parents and grandparents. Who raised you? I really wonder sometimes about this religion we have. Why do we want to be religious. Are we really different then the Talaban? Everything has to be done with balance and put in a proper perspeactive. Just like he said above keep you repulsive comments to yourself. What does Rabbi Mintz say about this. Let’s hear Daas Torah. It’s not likely you would dare ask perhaps you guys are afraid that David is correct. What do your rabbis say. Really let’s hear from them all.

  11. David is honestly right

    i.e. Sure you can celebrate big with drinking & dancing etc… & be very happy for the release of SMR but then if C”V Tragedy ever strikes (may it never) YOU need to be in grief at the same high level & feel the pain of the Azan family & many other families (7 innocent children niftar R”L this past week since Harav Shteinman was niftar) who are crying in pain over their tragic loss of precious loving children or many other kinds of tragedies etc….

    SO ARE YOU TREATING HAPPY & SAD EVENTS AT THE SAME LEVEL? if you can honestly say yes then you can party & celebrate at this high level.

    May we allwake up & FACE REALITY to do Teshuva ASAP so the tzaros in klal yisroel can come to a halt & Mashiach can finally come.

    i’m very happy for SMR but not partying & drinking like crazy

  12. Yeh. OJ Simpson murdered 2 people and was found innocent by a corrupt jury. So what does that say? Gornisht.
    The point is, yes, Rubashkin committed a crime and served his time. Is he a “hero”? No, most definitely not. But he is now a free man and should just get on with his life. We all make mistakes in life. If we learn from our mistakes and become better people thru it, kol hakavod.
    The public celebrations should be curtailed though.

  13. Dept of “Justice” was out to get him on immigration and couldn’t. So they had to find some “criminal” act. He was trying to keep his business afloat by creating phony invoices to get bank loans with every intention to pay those loans. Is this really FRAUD?? DOJ shut down his business and they created the massive losses.

  14. This deserves a major celebration. You are making a very uneducated statement. You obviously do not know the facts. This was clearly an antisemitic case and bH the government saw through it now. You also simply do not know the man for all who do or have gotten to know him attest that he is a true eved Hashem baal bitachon and an inspiration to all even while in prison…knowing him may change your mind set.
    Besides don’t forget even if there were some violations that were lagit…are you perfect? what are your mistakes?? you do not know the entire picture…never judge anyone for the way you judge is how Hashem will chas vshalom judge you!!!
    work on your ahavas yisroel and having an ayin tova and youll see every yid and every story through a different lense!! these are things we can all always work on…no one is perfect just important to remember and youll be able to be don lkaf zechus all the time. hatzlacha!

  15. What does one thing have to do with the other. We all love rubashkin. We rejoice in his simcha but being a great tzadik, Baal emunah and source of inspiration does not take away from the fact that he served a sentence in federal prison. We do not glorify such people no matter what. This is America and as David said rubashkin is no maharam mirattenburg. We should rejoice in the fact that he looks great, healthy and in in a good frame of mind and that we are fortunate to live in a country where we can appeal a decision that we feel is unfair and unjust. What we are seeing makes me sick. We do not have any moral compass. In shul on Shabbos all the talk was about rubashkin, no mention of the tradegy. Something is really wrong.

    • As stated in the above comment the 2 are very related, yes if he was a criminal maybe youd have a point, though he is a victim of antisemitism not a reg case…read the facts having a few violations because he was railroaded by an antisemitic judge makes this entirely diff…besides i do not take lead from the opinion of random people, rather follow our gedolims lead and many many gedolim and rebas are rejoicing so so can we.
      and idk what circles you are in but ive heard plenty mention of the tragedy as well but granted it may be harder to feel someones pain then rejoice in a simcha that doesnt make rejoicing in a toradige way, as so many are, wrong.


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