WATCH: Orthodox Jewish Woman Attacked by Black Woman at Flatbush Target Speaks Out

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A woman was assaulted Monday afternoon at a Target department store in Flatbush, NY, after the  woman allegedly reached for an item in the store and extended her hand over the attacker’s daughter without saying “excuse me.”
In the following videos, one can see the attack and the woman speaking out about how cops did not arrest the black female attacker.


  1. It’s horrible how the world turned upside down. Like she said – we’re not safe anywhere until moshiach comes. But- she could’ve dealt with this smarter. She could’ve walked away. The way she kept talking to her was pretty antagonistic.

    • i would think she felt like she also had something to say and wasn’t afraid to express herself, the problem is no one should be assaulted for expressing their opinion or bullied into being quiet when they don’t have to

  2. I feel terrible for this frum woman who clearly is traumatized by being violently attacked and threatened, then brushed off by the cops. I just hope she doesn’t regret posting this after the immediate aftermath of the (understandable) trauma passes and she calms down.

  3. People from Brooklyn, please pay close attention. It is no coincidence that all these jew hating anti semitic stories are all taking place somewhere in Brooklyn. The reason is simple, Jews in Brooklyn have become arrogant and condescending toward non Jews. They have created an environment that has infuriated the non Jews. The way they drive, how they interact with others, the austentacious cars and houses and the list goes on. They have caused this upon themselves and are now praying the price.

    • you are a dispicable person. i lived in brooklyn till i was 23, and kept hearing these “jews drive horribly” ect. i started paying close attention every time i saw erratic driving, and let me tell you, we’re the best of the bunch. does nasty stuff go on? yes. is it all jews? not by a long shot. in fact from what i saw, percentage wise its minority jewish incidents. An anti semite, or even just an annoyed person who had a bad run in with a jew, whether it was the jews fault or not, will walk around saying jews this and that. dont believe all the bull product you hear. and if you’d do a survey like i did, you’ll probably see something different

  4. Ok you can do a Google face search and get everyones name
    File a lawsuit against target
    Get a good lawyer
    This is when jews are being assaulted right and left.

  5. What is wrong with just saying Im sorry and walking away as opposed to sticking a camera in her face and instigating her?? It would of saved you from going on insta and crying about Golus!

  6. Utmost sympathy.

    Can she pls explain why she didn’t just give in ( especially if you think yout dealing with crazy person) and say excuse me and apologize? Why not try to DEescalate , and diffuse the situation. ??

    • Exactly. She was deliberately combative with this woman when really, as far as “colored” peoples cultural norms, reaching over the woman’s child without acknowledging the child is the height of rudeness and also indicates a threat. This was an incident of a cultural clash. FYI for Black People of all origins, to enter their personal space like this woman did is considered EXTREMELY rude, aggressive and disrespectful.

    • the problem is we are just seeing the camera view, let me tell you situation like these explode in seconds, if that lady thought she touched her daughter shes going to just walk up on her and and tell her so in an aggressive manner, this made the lady take the phone out to have proof of an assault

  7. Her message is mostly true .
    But cops cannot take sides .
    Maybe Mrs. Mimi was wrong and she doesn’t understand the rules of the street .
    Mechaleles Shem Shomayim
    What a cry baby . She makes this was a pogrom .
    She makes a complete idiot out of herself .
    Why she didn`t walk away from the situation to deescalate this is beyond belief .

  8. Ok. So my take is this. She thought she would post this video to show how bad antisemitism is. Point is, it would have been very simple to say I’m sorry. It should have ended there but it didn’t. Now, I wasn’t in the situation. But this new post is a little out of control… We got the idea. Let us together just not make a big deal and lay low… Not every time something like this happens is it a whole anti-Semitic attack. It is unfortunate.

  9. We should not be the one to judge if the women video taping did the right think or not. “Do not judge one until you stand in his shoes”
    The attacker should have been arrested under Battery and Assault charges. If there are any lawyers out there that can confirm or deny, please let us know.
    Assault is defined as any act in which a person threatens to take violent action against someone else, and intends to do so. Depending on the injury, that would define the degree of assault charge. One does not necessarily have to commit an act of violence to be charged with the offense, however, as they could be charged simply for threatening to inflict bodily harm. The intended target must also have felt that danger was imminent and/or that the aggressor would have harmed them if they were not prohibited from doing so. The crime of battery is the intentional touching of another in an angry manner, or the intentional use of force or violence against another. Grabbing someone’s arm, pushing or punching a person or striking a victim with an object all are crimes of battery. The crime of assault is defined differently from one state to another. In some states, the act of battery is called an “assault” or “assault and battery.” In other states, assault does not involve actual physical contact, and is defined as an attempt to commit a physical attack or as threatening actions that cause a person to feel afraid of impending violence. Under this definition, verbal threats are usually not enough to constitute an assault. Some action such as raising a fist or moving menacingly toward a victim usually is required. In these states, threatening to hurt someone while walking toward him with a clenched, raised fist would constitute assault. (we see clearly in the video, the attacker had the intent of hurting the victim.)

    Please everyone, see what is going on in NYC. The NYPD is not on our side. The officer knows the law and told the women she has no charges to file. Please get a lawyer and go file charges against that oh so typical African american women, and the officer as well for not living up to his oath, to protect all.

    Just curious if the officer was of the same race as the attacker that was not arrested.

    With lots of hatzlacha! And we should be zoche for the final redemption now.

    • depended on the state but mostly far left progressive states the police are not to arrest anyone anymore, they feel that in order to get the actual crime stats down they must not arrest anyone and let not even talk about how the police were drenched with water and they didnt do anything . it dont matter the race of the officer in most cases but then again NY will take any officer

      its up to the citizens to elect another city administration that’s more fair because this administration specifically the mayor is a far leftist.

      some of the comments on FB and youtube you would think the nazi party has returned and this is black antisemitism .

  10. Shame on her for baiting the lady. The lady was walking away from her 4 times and she kept on kuching her up.
    She should have said sorry and walked her merry way. If you tchepe a pitbull you are a fool

  11. This lady is off the wall. It takes her forever to get to the point. She shouldn’t be ranting on and on in a public forum like that. Besides, she comes across like a 3 year old girl. Now that her poor little feelings were hurt, she became a michaneches, preaching to us about galus?! Telling us where we can shop and where not? Keep it between you, your husband, and your friends. Seek help and guidance. Stop insinuating that somehow the “Rabbis” are to blame for your little tizzy. Grow up and get on with your life. You sound like a classic jap. I’m surprised Matzav allowed her immature untzniusdika video to go viral.

  12. If you didn’t know it already, most Black people will jump at any excuse to shout someone down, especially for not having manners (something they are beaten up about by they own parents from a young age); especially when it involves a white person. Any additional excuse – like sticking a camera in their face will just encourage them to lash out. Baiting them again and again, will just encourage them more. I dont think there is any anti-semitism here at all.
    Recent events show that Black people will go and riot, destroy property, and even endanger their & others lives, just because (I was going to give a reason here but there is none, its just because they want to.)
    Look at it this way, they are nebachs who feel victimized and unfortunately need to be handled with gloves and extra care – or you are only endangering your own life.

  13. Absolutely ridiculous from beginning to end. She should have said im sorry and moved on but instead she pulled out her phone and was raitzing her un over and over again just because she wanted to post it on Instagram or yeshiva world or any other social media forum and then runs to her Instagram to give her state of the union address. In my opinion once she recovers she can go back to shop there but she should delete her Instagram account and she will be fine.
    PS. Posting these videos on Jewish media just makes things worse, while I understand that although you guys need news, please only post news that will not damage us Thanks

  14. The mother of the girl was trying to teach her basic social manners. Yes, it is rude to reach over someone else’s child and a safety risk for the child. Think about others before yourself, and if you make a mistake, just apologize. You don’t have to go on and on (and video the whole thing) in public. It’s bad enough what you did. You don’t have to embarrass yourself more in a public forum. Learn how to act like a mensch.

    • mental. how do you know she reached over? ppl can be overly protective and misjudge… so some violent pig thought this woman got to close, does that mean that actually was the case?
      and its perfectly normal for a person to want to protect their dignity after verbal abuse from a nasty pig by taking a camera to show the madness of the other person. it happens to be illegal to threaten bodily harm,and it sure is illegal to slap someone. IN NO OTHER SITUATION EVER HAS A PHONE BEEN CONSIDERED ANTAGONIZATION BY THE COPS, JUST THE OPPOSITE, ITS OUR FIRST AMMENDMENT RIGHTS.

    • ok so saw her video, she did reach over, big frikin deal… does that endanger the child? is it even rude? maybe the child was in the way, how about that for rudeness? well obviousley a child wouldnt understand that, but seriously, going ape because someon reached over your child? as if that endangers them in any way? pigs!

  15. I sympathize with the women who made the video because she is in obvious pain. May she get it over it ASAP.

    OTOH I’ve dealt with plenty of obnoxious jerks in places like Target.

    Unfortunately that is a reality of life.

    Unless there is a threat of an actual physical attack my reaction would be “Another jerk in Target” and move on and forget about it.

  16. what abt the story was anti sematic the abusive lady didint say any anti semetic slurs the problem with the cops were that their terrified of being called a racist so no matter what a person of color is always the victim there was nothing jewish abt the story

  17. This woman is a fool. This is not anti semitism. You harassed that woman and every time she walked away you kept stirring the pot. Grow up.

  18. This mess belongs on world star hip- hop. I seriously doubt that this woman was polite when she leaned over that woman’s kid, but what really bothers me is when she tries to go for her parenting and her child, and not stop instigating. Like, GIRL, fix that wig on your head before you try and go for anyone, ok, Ms. PETTY LABELLE? ALSO, side note: saying “colored person” is so unbelievably racist and wrong. This woman made more of a chilul Hashem and I feel so sad for her soul. NEB-ACH. WOW GIRL… you just realized that the police don’t always come through for you? Her boo-hoo narrative sounds oddly familiar to that of the narrative she is attempting to criticize in the video. You started up and then continued ON AND ON. Now she agrees with the rabbonim? Does anyone actually know what she is saying? LIKE… If you are SOOOOO proud to be part of the Jewish people, why didn’t you put your phone down, Michael Moore, and call shomrim instead of instigating a fight and acting ratchet? The funniest part of this is that we should all “boycott” target because she started drama in a target and how she spent HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS THERE… hahaha GIRL TAKE MANY SEATS. Also: did anyone else laugh when she broke down in tears and said, “ugh, you all…know… I love going to target!” … I’m so embarrassed for our people.

  19. Totally wrong. Hard to see from your own prospective but instead of taking out your camera just apologize and move on. Let them get what they want out and walk away politely. Every time the black lady starts to walk away you needed the last word.

    • Exactly. She should of apologized and kept it moving. You are not privileged because you are Jewish. The woman felt you disrespected her daughter, so you got popped…move along

  20. Please Please Please do not make this any bigger!
    You don`t understand the rules of the street.
    The next thing Target will release their footage which will show a lady acting in a rude an callous manner over a little girl to which the girls mother then gets upset and then we are gonna want the mom who was rude perpetrated the whole thing to get off like a victim ?
    Please let`s not make this into another sheitelgate where we frum yidden all got egg all over our faces in prime time

  21. OH NO!!. some jewish lady accidentally reached over a little girls head? how terrible! and the little girls mother attacked her verbally and then physically? but of course! isnt that only normal? oh but the woman took out a camera to record the person who verbally attacked her? well thats just too much isnt it? like who gets hurt from verbal abuse!? no one normal right! RIGHT?! like how dare a person not curl over and allow themselves to be bullied! what despicable character she must have to take on a non violent form of assertiveness!!
    I mean she should truly be thankful thats all she got. she should probably put that violent woman on her mishloach manos list for the rest of her life to make it up to her.

  22. What was the frum lady thinking by telling her how to bring up her daughter?
    She was just lucky the lady didn’t pull a knife, or a crowd of others joined her to fight.
    You have to be smart enough to know when the best thing in life is to just be quiet!!! Walk away!!!!
    One lucky lady!! One good lesson!!!

  23. Why do we have to know about this woman’s red nose? Why did she have to explain it to the tzibur? Was that a factor in the Target abuse case? Did the other lady bring up that issue? They are having a sale on Kleenex in Target.
    Btw, fall sheitels are not so pashut to wear.

  24. I was recently in a Target in Chicago.They had a whole section of the store dedicated to To’eva Pride. Shirts, Pants, Hats etc… (BH it didnt seem to be selling well). Really. I am not joking. Sadly.

    Sorry you had to go through this. Welcome to reality.

  25. Yal Jewish people kill me…. coming to her defense. She was wrong…Clearly the police sided with the person that was correct. She kept recording her…didn’t apologize to the little girl…so yes she needed to be popped. Stop acting like yal have it so bad.. you don’t

    • Sounds like a black person wrote this last comment. Black people are rude to White people all the time and shove cameras in their faces all the time when White people stand up to them. Cops have never arrested those black people for harassment. Cops tell White people black people have more rights than Whites now. There’s no White privilege only BLACK PRIVILEGE. Black people capitalize black but leave White in lower case, which is why it’s written the opposite here. They got a taste of their own medicine. They’re rude af, cutting in line, leaving a line and then demanding to be let back in line especially if the person is White. Dear black people, sit down, shut up and and check your BLACK PRIVILEGE. They are always calling White people the devil, but from the hateful, evil way black people act, it’s black people who are the devil.

      • You mean all those black people who were murdered on camera? Of course they didn’t get arrested (except Sandra Bland who died in the jail) they’re all dead.


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