Watch: Pat Buchanan Destroys CNN Anchor, Says System is Rigged Against Trump

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  1. fair election? when the media highlights every fault of or accussation against trump while hiding and downplaying everyone of clintons scandals. thats about as dishonest as could be. whatyouhave to ask is ,what would people do without all the external biases and distortions i think the media knows the answer which is y they constantly cover for this ‘which”

  2. And don’t you think that the reshanta who lovingly kissed sugar Arafat is an anti Semite she would have been a perfect wife for Yasir

  3. More craven admiration for the menuval Trump from Matzav.
    Now you are resorting to chanifa of a sonai yisroel, Buchanan.
    A shanda!


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