Watch: Pete Buttigieg Explains Why Trump Should Be Removed From Office


Pete Buttigieg talks Trump’s possible removal from office and the Senate impeachment trial during a Fox News town hall.



  1. He speaks well but it’s not honesty that he’s really concerned about because he never had a word to say about Obama, Biden or Clinton! What Clinton did was not an offense that required removal from office though egregious as it was because… you guessed it: he, like Buttigieg is Democrat. So he too is phoney!

  2. I do not know if President Trump is guilty of anything which the US Constitution would regard as an impeachable offense. I do know that the presidential trial is being done by those who have a vested interest in getting the president removed from office and is therefore not a fair trial.
    Furthermore, Mr. Buttigieg practices and promotes mishkav zachor. He is not fit for office. The United States is a nation who has on its money “In G-d we trust”.
    Hashem expects the nations of the world to uphold the seven laws of Noah, one of which is a prohibition on immorality.


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