Watch: Police Identify Deceased Suspect In Odessa Mass Shooting

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Midland Mayor Jerry Morales provides details in the deadly Texas shooting.



  1. The Deep State usually take a white person (many of whom mind controlled by the CIA) to do these shootings.
    Haven’t you noticed that the media only reports these FF mass shootings but wouldn’t reports the weekly mass shootings in Chicago?

    • Several Days ago Real News reported a woman stabbing kids on the street randomly with a knife or what is it a razor? Will Pelosi and Shumer should call on the senate for knife control and razor blades or their only concern is about guns and the false flags carried out by guns?

    • Over 1,800 people were shot since Jan 2019 in Chicago, a Dem controlled city with some of the toughest gun laws in the country!!! (95% of the shootings are with unregistered, illegal guns.) Hence, mainstream media would not report about the weekly shootings there as it doesn’t fit their narrative. They don’t want people to know about those shootings in areas with strict gun control, as it’ll defeat the purpose of these false flags.

      • Chicago has been run by Democrats for the longest time, including HerĀ“ Obama. That is why these murders are constantly being buried by the biased media. It doesn’t fit Elijah Cummings narrative. All crime is supposed to be white mans fault. It is because of slavery 300 years ago that these animals are killing each other.


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