Watch: Populists Take On The Establishment In Both Parties


‘The Next Revolution’ panel reacts to challenges made against American political elites.




  1. Teach your children about republican hate politics. The idea of an “establishment” is an attack on sustaining minds in D.C.

    There is an established humor and an established business etiquette. There is no reason to consider that the candor of good work is an “evil”.

    You who want this problem to continue in America with hate for our neighborhoods, hate for our worklife and hate for our family structure are keen only on a fate of scared looks at the advancing causes of liberty. That is called often liberalism and it is right to consider that L-rd is good to advance our science of human faith.

    The pity of the men like Bannon is that they play to your inner concern for greedy self choice only for the sake of a betterment of your own social structure. It becomes the force of hard waged shame.

    There is a future to have and add. It is always a liberal manner to advance a society. It decries foul to false belief, hard shame to hate and a discipline of ongoing roads to build to advance courage and liberty.

    The shame of the left is the abomination felt greed of hate. We have it on the fringes of both political parties. If that is your basis for your vote to change society, you fell ill for the same ignorance as Korach.

    This is a future we can have and advance. Human beings well in the marketplace and on the homefront.

    We will have liberties and rights. The men like Bannon so noted by the unorthodox are terror even thought an orthodox mind to behold.

    We will not sit for this disgrace and if we have a president to bring an era of ethnoxenophobia, violent cult hate such as antifa and alt-right hate, we will not be in prosperity.

    Liberalism is not a cause. It is a reality. We will continue to advance our future and those of use keen to use Torah in our lives will learn from King himself that our faith is good.

    It is a plus to be kosher. We as the chosen people based on a priesthood are the right in our faith as we daven. We vote and we teach our children. Hate can not endure and the establishment should only be our dollar and our faith in G-d.

    Its worth.

  2. Evil mouths speak. Give Hashem credit on this one. I was listening to this song as I wront Bannon’s name today. The rest is interesting.

    Every lyric of this song by Rush is exactly the personna of Bannon. Thank Geddy Lee. He is jewish.

    Tom Sawyer
    A modern day warrior
    Mean, mean stride
    Today’s Tom Sawyer
    Mean, mean pride
    Though his mind is not for rent
    Don’t put him down as arrogant
    He reserves the quiet defense
    Riding out the day’s events
    The river
    What you say about his company
    Is what you say about society
    Catch the mist, catch the myth
    Catch the mystery, catch the drift
    The world is, the world is
    Love and life are deep
    Maybe as his skies are wide
    Today’s Tom Sawyer
    He gets by on you
    And the space he invades
    He gets by on you
    No, his mind is not for rent
    To any God or government
    Always hopeful yet discontent
    He knows changes aren’t permanent
    But change is
    What you say about his company
    Is what you say about society
    Catch the witness, catch the wit
    Catch the spirit, catch the spit
    The world is, the world is
    Love and life are deep
    Maybe as his eyes are wide
    Exit the warrior
    Today’s Tom Sawyer
    He gets by on you
    And the energy you trade
    He gets right on to the friction of the day
    Songwriters: Alex Lifeson / Geddy Lee Weinrib / Neil Peart / Paul Philip Woods
    Tom Sawyer lyrics © Ole Media Management L


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