Watch: Pre-Shavuos Drive Through at Yeshiva of South Shore


It was a Pre-Shavuos event to remember at Yeshiva of South Shore!

YOSS held an exciting  drive-through parade saluting its talmidim, Rabbeim, Teachers, and Moros on the Monday before Shavuos.

Hundreds of cars drove through the yeshiva campus greeted with live music and an upbeat and lively atmosphere. As the cars drove through, the talmidim and their parents had a chance to greet their Rabbeim and Teachers “un-virtually.” Each Talmid received a bag with treats and giveaways.

The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, along with all the Rabbeim,  Menahalim, and Principals were there to see each Talmid, and wish them a good Yom Tov.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. there was a seemingly endless procession of cars. Although social distancing and all safety precautions were followed, the talmidim were received a huge smile, a wave and much needed words of chizzuk from their Rabbeim and teachers. The hanhallah especially enjoyed seeing the homemade signs taped to the cars  – created by the boys which served as an expression of their deep hakaras hatov.

Fueling the energy at the parade was the live music provided by Rabbeim who happen to be musicians as well. Rabbis Shonek, Drebin, Singer and Wolf had the entire three-block radius tapping their feet and honking their horns to the music.

In addition, in the spirit of Memorial Day, the event served as a wonderful opportunity to thank the School District and First Responders. Members of the Police Department and Hatzalah joined the yeshiva and took part in the procession as well. County Executive Laura Curran came to show support to the yeshiva during this time, and she even handed out some treats to the boys! Councilman Bruce Blakeman joined as well,

Without a doubt, the talmidim of YOSS will enter Shavuos with a new invigorated spirit, and a renewed enthusiasm for Kabolas Hatorah!



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