WATCH: Rabbis Zwiebel, Schnall and Markowitz Discuss Crisis Over NYS Guidelines for Yeshivos

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Agudath Israel Exec. V.P. R’ Chaim Dovid Zwiebel joined R’ Avi Schnall and R’ Shai Markowitz for #AgudahLive to discuss the far reaching impact of the NYSED Guidelines for yeshivos and nonpublic schools.




  1. It is very interesting this is all happening at the exact time of banning unvaccinated students from schools and shuls??
    Could it possibly be a message from Hashem , maybe the threat of reducing limudei kodesh is midah keneged midah of expelling students from schools AND shuls due to non vaccination, “Lehashkichom Torahsecha”, despite the fact they have Rabbonim and GEDOLIM who say NOT to vaccinate, and who also say it is forbidden to expel these students from schools and shuls?? There are many families suffering terrible from this horrible situation.
    (my children were vaccinated)

  2. terrible. I wil either send my kids to he public school or to a out of town yeshiva r”l.
    Ny is finished untill 2022 an neew elekshon will happan. We shoild daben to hashim.

  3. I have a question if anyone can answer it. Rabbi Zwiebel reiterated that all Yeshivos be required to give an education to each child that will provide its students the abilities to be productive members of society. He cites Gemara study as an example as it provides analytical thinking skills. My question is we know that many chassidishe Yeshivos have a very poor English language arts and writing programs. Many adults chassdim have a hard time speaking a proper English or writing a proper sentence. Isn’t proper communication skills the basics of one to be a productive member in society?

  4. Some Chassidim chose to be part of an insular community, primarily speaking Yiddish and focusing on Jewish studies. In their community, proper communication skills do not include learning a proficient English, but they are still considered productive members of society.

    You may not like that fact, but it should be their religious right.

    The key point is who controls the education of a child? The parent or the government?

    I believe that the Supreme Court has decided in many cases that parents determine a child’s education.

  5. To pondering You write as if these children have a deficit in learning languages. They don’t, they speak and write and communicate in Yiddish well. The problem with English language in the chasidisher yeshivos is THE HOME. A child who doesn’t begin to speak English until he’s in KIta gimel (about 8 years old) then speaks Yiddish 22 hours a day on Monday through Thursday only, the other days its 24 hours. and finally, at his bar mitzva stops speaking any English. This child is not going to be able to speak or wrirte or communicat in English no matter what the DOE does. As a tutor in chasidisher yeshivos I can tell you this problem is only getting worse. Until a few years ago there were a lot of English speaking children in boro park These children went to Torah vadaas, mir CB Tifers Elimelech, YOB etc. If a chasidisher child was friends with such a child he knew some English. In addition in many chasidisher homes the parents spoke to the girls in English. Today there are almost no English speaking children in BP, and today even the girls speak only Yiddish.

    • I live in boro park, my children are in chasidishe schools (girls & boys). My children are bilingual, speaking, reading & understanding in both yiddish & english languages. My husband went to a chasidishe cheder, yeshiva & kolel & bh has a great job (earning a lot more than many college graduates). Please do not make a blank statement on a community. There are obviously many people in Boro Park that you do not know.

      • What your husband forgot to communicate to you is HOW he gets his paycheck. Is he honest with his money, i.e. does he pay taxes, properly compensate employees, pay vendors on time, or does he earn off the books, claim vacation as a business expense, take illegal benefits, squeezes out every cent out of his employees and undercuts everyone to make another dime.
        You see, you are too busy shopping for brand name cloths and gossiping to notice these things. That being the case, it is no wonder why you think your husband is wonderful because he is earning a lot of cash. Your emphasis on money clearly points to the fact that you think money is the pinnacle of success, while things like honesty, intelligence, middos and kindness take a back seat.

        I cannot blame you for thinking this way because all your life you were taught to look for greenbacks and never to do some introspection or think outside the box. I know many more people with a similar outlook, and unfortunately you will propagate it to you “BILINGUAL” children because ignoramuses like you only want to see themselves in the mirror.


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