Watch: Ram V’Nisah – Freilach Band Ft. Benny Friedman & Yedidim Choir

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On September 5th, 2016 at Lake Terrace in Lakewood, Freilach Band and Benny Friedman performed at the wedding of their dear friend Tzali and Suri Margulies. The crowd joined along and watched as Freilach played the classic “Ram V’Nisah” to musical perfection.

The song was originally sung by Dudu Fisher and composed by legendary Yossi Green. Benny Friedman was accompanied by the harmonious Yedidim Choir.

Conducted by Yaniv Taubenhouse
Transcription by Avremi G
Mixed by Eli Lishinsky
Music by Freilach Band
Video by Motty Engel


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