Watch: Rav Aaron Lopiansky & Rav Elya Brudny Thursday Night At The 2019 Agudah Convention



  1. After Listening to their responses about requesting a picture for shidduchim, I am confused to the nature of the problem for they did not elaborate the issue they find with it. It seems they both agree the boy should be attracted to the girls looks. Would asking for a picture be any different than any other research of an area of importance? If it would be possible to obtain medical records on the boy in question, would there be the same opposition? I understand why someone would be reluctant to share their picture but what would be wrong with asking for one?
    No one requesting a picture is suggesting that Pictures are the only criteria for the match. They are simply researching to see if the shidduch can get off the ground. Additionally, everyone realizes there is more to the person not represented in the picture.
    Regarding the lady who sent in the question, I wonder if she feels the same about checking into the boys finances to ensure he can provide adequately for her daughter or being that we’ve taught our children that money is materialistic that too would be inappropriate.


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