Watch: Riots Break Out After Jews Bow On Har Habayis

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Today, riots broke out in Yerushalayim after two Jews ignited the anger of Arabs by bowing down on the stone floor of the Har Habayis, fully prostrating themselves.

Arab rioters began to yell and scream, shouting, “Allahu Akbar.”

Israeli police arrested the two Jews, making it the third day in a row that Jews were removed by police from the Har Habayis.

Bowing on the Har Habayis is officially a violation of the rules of entry to the compound. It is actually forbidden for Jews to pray on the Har Habayis at all based on a Knesset ministerial committee decision from 1967.

The ensuing brawl between police and Arabs can be seen in the videos below.

A total of eight Jews were taken off the Har Habayis by Israeli police this morning.


David Steger – Israel


  1. Dont we have enough problems? These Yidden, perhaps well meaning are causing more problems! Even if it would be mutar its certainly doesnt over ride pikuach nefesh

    • With all due respect, it is the appeasement attitudes such as yours that cause bloodshed. If you care to educate yourself, you’ll learn that the contemporary, Wahhabi and Khomeini infuenced, Islamic ideology is unappeasable and imperialistic. The more victories that they perceive, the more emboldened they get, the more blood they spill as a result of being emboldened. They already are trying to murder us as much as they can; Jews bowing or not on Har Habais may provide an excuse but not the reason. Giving away Har Habais to Waqf in 1967, not only did not bring peace, but caused innumerable cases of islamonazi violence against our people. To prevent further bloodshed, the only solution is to get rid of the Islamists in Eretz Isroel, and of the Wahhabists and Khomeinists in the world. Barking against Yiden who desire to serve H on Har H, is not a solution. Don’t stand in the way of the real peace!

  2. This is the “religion of peace”? They wanted to stop a person from worshipping G-d?

    (And yes, the Jews didn’t do anything wrong. On the contrary they showed that the makom is holy to us. The arabs want to show it’s not holy to us and means nothing chas v’shalom.)

  3. Yes they DID do something wrong. While these fanatical islamists are scum for attacking som1 who does no harm, these jews, unfortunately not alone in their ideals are #1 being oiver issur kares, #2 instigating masses to violence and unforeseeable repercussions. That is wrong!

    • Issur karies?! Not on the entire Har Habais. In fact, one of the gates of the mikdosh was not mekadesh so that certain temeim could enter and kohanim could put dam on their right hands. Besides, we can bring public korbonos b’tumas meis when kohanim are tomei meis – in such a case all one has to do is to metaheir from ziva, nida, shrotzim tuma – which is doable even in the present situation. Learn prokim 5-9 of Psachim – after all it is Pesach.


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