Watch: Satmar Girls Camp Burns Fake Israeli Flag

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  1. Want to preface my comments recognizing that a) they are my personal assumptions only so I may be wrong and b) totally agreeing that Zionism is a movement that is Anti-Torah and Anti-Hashem. However, I assume that it was not the Chsam Sofer’s desire that we perpetually and constantly focus on our battle with Reform forever. We fight them whenever they rare their head and whenever they are a threat to Yiddishkeit. But we don’t fixate and define our Yiddishkeit and our Avodas Hashem on our battle with them. Instead we define our Yiddishkeit based on what we are, our values, our Kedusha, and our Torah and Mitzvos – our Avodas Hashem. I also assume that that is true for the Satmar Rebbe, Reb Yoel ZT’L as well. It makes me wonder every time I see things like this why the Avodas Hashem (in their opinion) is so fixated perpetually on others instead of how they can improve themselves.

    • Totally agree, if one’s particular brand of Judaism is publicized chiefly and becomes an in-house source of pride for what it stands AGAINST, whatever of true value it may have is at serious risk of getting totally lost in a morass of negativity.

  2. What a chilull hashem, especially with goyim looking on, They must think all these girls are insane, They are indeed.

  3. What is the point of posting this two days before Tisha B’av you’re just setting everyone up to post hateful comments and Lifnei iver . We know we
    have different shitas then Satmar

  4. What a bizoyon! And a chilul H-shem. The goyim love nothing more than watching Yidden hate each other. Reassures them that anti-semitism is just fine. Is that the spirit of the Nine Days that is being inculcated?

  5. Is this important to post a video of in the 9 days?
    As someone who disagrees with this type of activity, its still wrong to put this out.
    Shame on you

    • No, just the opposite Shame on Satmar not Matzav look what they’re doing in the 9 days just B4 Tisha BAv, Matzav is exposing the Trash Garbage that Satmar brainwashes their children / young adults with, u have an issue with Isreal keep it 2 urself, goyim have 2 c Yidden hating each other, goyim don’t understand their shitas abt Isreal, this is totally uncalled for, rude & inappropriate, Matzav yes ur right for exposing them, don’t they know that the Bais HaMikdash was destroyed bec of sinas shinom, Lubavitch brings Yidden back 2 Torah & Mitzvos all Satmar does is push ppl away, plenty of Satmars have gone fry, it’s time 4 them 2 stop this nonsense & get busy they are very very bord & don’t have 2 much 2 do with their lives, this is OCD abt Isreal seriously they need Major Serious Big Help

  6. uncool
    i am israeli and find that offensive. they have no idea how many lives were sacrificed to have our country. uncool

    • That’s actually one of the reasons why they are burning the flag. One of the principle reasons gedolei yisroel are and were against the state is that they sacrificed many jewish lives for land. NO LIVES SHOULD HAVE BEEN SACRIFICED FOR THE STATE ! Not to mentioin, that zionism has systematically destroyed Judaism from millions of jews and is starting to the same to the yeshiva world. Think into the satmar ideology….If it wasn’t for them, we would all be zionists as well…..(and that’s not a good thing!)

      • First and foremost we were always taught to be refined this is anything but that reaching into ones nefesh Behami is always the easiest reaction it’s not necessarily the correct one

        Second How quickly you forget that nobody wanted Jews after the milchama
        And I hate to break it to u but they still don’t want them
        Satmar has their own militia in Williamsburg on a state level imagine how many shomrim there would be

      • To Just Me
        “that zionism has systematically destroyed Judaism from millions of jews ”
        Its actually the Judaism in the USA that ” systematically destroyed Judaism from millions of Jews” … the assimilation rate in the USA according to the Reform ADL stands as 88% ..
        The assimilation rate in the Zioist State stands at less than 2%
        BTW … 6 Million Jewish lives were sacrificed fpr the Gentile States of Western Europe!

    • Just reminds us why we’re still in galus. what a disgrace. Just by the sound of it you’d think it was a Hamas bloodthirsty protest.

    In the 9 days a time for AHAVAS YISROEL!!
    This camp couldn’t think of anything better to do?? The majority of the Israelis are probably more Jewish than you!! Is there anything else you teach them besides anti zionism!!
    Do you people even know who the Grand Rabbe Reb Yoel Zt”l was?? A person from the previous generation who knew kol hatorah kulah. I’m not worthy of praising such a man with such greatness.
    How you people do these things, which the Rabbe Zt”l has NEVER done & would NEVER approve!!
    You should learn from all the other things the Rabbe always did!! Than will see how you act.
    Your an embarrassment for the Samar sect, the Holy Rabbe Zt”l & Klal Yisroel at large!!

    Maybe before Tisha b’av a speech should be given about AHAVAS YISROEL!!

  8. Kol hakovad. These girls are right. They are fighting for us. It’s the women who are idealistic. We need them to stand up against the opponents of Torah. Every camp should do the same.

  9. For the sake of argument: even to the extent that I detest North Korea’s regime, I still wouldn’t burn its flag. Just because you disagree with something it means you have to burn things??? There’s no better way? Like that’s constructive, or what any previous generations of Jews were doing? These people are in a fantasy world where their Rebbe is effectively the intermediary between them and HaShem, rather than their own seeking hearts, minds and souls. Who knows, maybe tomorrow they’ll get even more extreme and start burning the shoddy scarf tallits the Reform wear.

  10. We don’t know all the facts. The 6 second video shows us nothing. What preceded it? What happened after? Maybe it was a holocaust reenactment of what the Germans did? A cantata? Btw, how do we know this was in the Satmar camp? What proof do you have?
    Where is the dan licav zchus? Above all, where is YOUR ahavas yisroel?


    Since Herzel published his pamphlet ” Der Judenstaat” in 1896, until today 70 years after the establishment of the Zionist State, the Zionist have constantly been out to destroy Yiddishkeit. They
    wanted to eradicate the Torah and its followers. They keep trying to שמד ח”ו Gantz Klal Yisroel and turn them ככל הגוים ר”ל.

    והקב”ה מצילינו מידם

    Hashem turned the tables on them. Instead of Zionist stopping us from learning Torah they became the largest financial supporters of Torah. They spend billions of Shekalim to build Chadorim, Yeshivos
    Kollelim & Bais Yakovs. They also spend billions to support those who learn Torah. In the past two thousand years,( maybe even beyond) there has never been so much Torah learning anywhere in the world as it is done now in Eretz Yisroel. There never was such a large ציבור of Talmidei Chachamim, Bnei Torah & Shomrei Torah Umitzvohs.

    They try to make it difficult to remain a Torah observant Yid, yet they still pay hundreds of millions Shekalim for Rabonim, Dayanim, Mashgichim, Shuls, & Mikvaos in every city & town in the country alleviating the financial burden of Torah observant Yidden. The only country in the world that because of their laws keep the Yeshiva Bachurim in Yeshivah

    In every country in the world the Gezeiras Shmad today is rampant. Intermarriage is between 70%-85% in every country except in the Zionist State where intermarriage is less than 2-3% (still too many) As much as the Zionist try to שמד Klal Yisroel, The Ribono Shel Olam in his wisdom made sure their wishes won’t happen.

    Since the six-day war, there has never been so many בעלי תשובה, despite the Zionist claim of כחי ועוצם ידי etc. Instead of them turning the Frum into non-Frum the opposite happens
    the non-Frum become Frum. Perhaps we can be even more successful if we would try harder to make sure that the non-Frum shouldn’t hate us.

    Ben Yehudah, created the modern עברית so that the Frum Yidden will give up their old fashion religion and become a modern non-Frum society with their own modern language.
    Today the most used language to learn Torah is עברית. In most Chadorim, Yeshivos, Kollelim & Bais Yakovs the Shiurim & Schmussen are given in עברית. Chavrusos in the
    Bais Midrash argue & shout at each other in the language that was supposed to keep them out of the Bais Midrash.

    Yes, it’s true it is not yet a perfect world out there, but when was the last time that it was

    • “Ben Yehudah, created the modern עברית so that the Frum Yidden will give up their old fashion religion and become a modern non-Frum society with their own modern language.
      Today the most used language to learn Torah is עברית. In most Chadorim, Yeshivos, Kollelim & Bais Yakovs the Shiurim & Schmussen are given in עברית.”

      Eliezer ben Yehudah came from Chabad roots.

      They chose a semi-Sephardic pronunciation in order to break away from the mesorah and Yiddishkeit of the shtetl.

      We should, if we speak לשון קודש, reject this change, and speak proudly with traditional Ashkenaz pronunciation instead (e.g. Shabbos, not Shabbat, etc.).

      Ivris, not Ivrit!

  12. We must always realize that the zionists along with the reform and open orthodox are our enemies. Children must be thought this. Most of you are too young to remember how the zionist would forced every Jew who died in a hospital was cut to pieces in forced autopsies. Today they are worse. First they destroyed a whole generation of young Jews in their public school system. They have tattoo shops even in holy Yerushalayim. They have pork stores. And forty per cent of Tel Aviv is Toeiva. They pride themselves with this. Every year they run a gay parade in Jerusalem. As well as all the other major cities. Now they are scheming how to destroy Yeshiva boys by drafting them into an army that’s worse than it ever was. If the worlds 104 armies, israel comes in number NINE in accepting Toeiva lifestyles. Even France is number 10 and America 41. Now any parent religious or not must be crazy to allow their 18 year old kids to join such an irresponsible army. It’s not an army. It’s an indoctrination center. They put soldiers in dangerous positions when they place girls in front like be combat units. There is so much abuse by the commanders in every which way. Soldiers were forced to shave their beards. Others were forced to remove their tzitzos. There is a lot I can’t write on this frum news site but those that know are aware. Thank you satmar for leading the way in the fight for our Faith. Keep up the good work. A flatbush yid.

    • Would not surprise me that they have these issues, as we know Zionism is anti-torah hashkafa etc, but why do you base YOUR Yiddishkeit on defining what you are NOT. Isn’t it time to ignore them a little bit and define your Yiddishkeit on what you ARE? So they are bad (some may be tenokis shenishba), etc. but why is it so important to your Yiddishkeit to be so busy with them? When is it time to say enough – let me ignore them and move on? Is there so little to your Yiddishkeit that the only way you satisfy it is by constantly being busy with what THEY do wrong? Isn’t it more important to work on what WE do wrong? In the 1800’s a huge percentage of Klal Yisroel went off the derech, with Reform and other forms of so called enlightenment. Zionism is an outgrowth of that – and suddenly your Yiddishkeit became defined by them. Isn’t it better for us to perfect ourselves and maybe, just maybe, you will even be zoche to be mekarev some of them. Or does it make sense for us to scream like someone that is out of control and burn things? Time to look inward and stop defining yourself on what you are AGAINST, remember and be proud of what your are FOR. See my earlier comment for relevant disclaimers.

  13. The proper right gates a danger to no added rash war. Minds trash flags. Some burn.

    Full war is knowing why the currect world is as. Determine action. Take words to placed vacated war.

    Hashem introduces our universe. We must know what is kosher. Yearly there are demonstrations.

    Satmar chassidim firmly resist incorporating David until a Temple is built. I have care they are right.

    Without strength, jews destroy sadly their own. Its our abominations that destroy our people. Insanity has war for better employment on sabbath. Fussy gay ideas. There is no charity or fate.

    Determine that Jacob can rule the land of zion but until Hashem may grant full land it is his where he may now reside. Thus the flag exists to grant David eye.

    The antizionist must never forget the world of Hashems gates. Some lead to good. Some to charity. Others to war.

    The crowds entertain a strength. Gay parades are still brink selective for the abominations man is trying to protect. Jewish faith grieves the family so afflicted.

    The gay parade is not the abomination they stick under their tongue. It is worse or worthless the full worry.

    The worst in the land is not generations displaying gay dress and gay rainbow flags. They are only in time. The worst is sabbath desecration, intermarriage and hate consuming abomination.

    The land must prepare for David. We who keep Torah are keeping to note it be by our commandments. Otherwise there is no war. Hashem provides.

    Very keen thoughts on Hashem. The gays march. We abet the ever idea of bloodshed and we hold some the Israeli flag.

    Torah society should not place the state flag in our place of worship. Daven with Jacob. Have sense that shemonei esrei is right. Torah is to bring change to improve orthodoxy.

    The gay flags and wrong words must be contested by Jacob as he approaches Hashem. Hashem will make the change.

    So interesting to see the children of David burn the flag. They are in their manner or else not yet affiliating full with Jacob. There is a Trade right. Manner. The rights speak. The enemy is sometimes our own. Leadership comes from Torah.

    Tradition merits a look at the Israeli flag. It is a nation of brothers. They may select Torah. See where focus goes.

    Unless we can expect a different flag in messianic times, we are wrong. There is no jurisdiction for the Palestinian flag as currebt world law has right it only west bank and gaza. Therefore, a war to burn the blue and white flag is aggravation.

    The cry is for moshiac. The work is vacant without charity and faith. We honor David. His davidic advantage is a kosher society.

  14. 33 comments before me. Most against this “protest” some for it. I just want to point out that between the two Satmars just this year, over 1000 children had their chumash sudah Kein yirbu. So get used to this its not changing.

  15. with r4egard to ivrit being the ‘language’ in EY: i lived there many years ago. there was al 3 year old girl living in my bldg from a very prominent family. she insisted that she does not speak yiddish. one shabbos my husband greeted her by saying shabbat shalom. she laughedand said: צריכים להגיד גוט שבת רק יטירים אומרים שבת שלום
    she could not be convinced that gut shabbos was yiddish

  16. The reason I read Matzav and a different “left unnamed” website that has yeshiva and Jewish news is because Matzav has not been an anti-semetic website like the other. Disgusting of you.

  17. The Satmars are revered because they adamantly demand that moshiac only can bring about David’s kingdom.

    This is faced by all of our chassids. I have myself a disclaimer that I have yet not met a person well affiliated with the group but as an outsider, I watch as they scroll their children with signs and now even burn flags to push their agenda forward.

    This is a crazy idea and a sin. Remember that they were the only jewish orthodox group that supported Hillary Clinton. An interest as I was a democrat. In more thought we should not ever have our children lined up for public view with signs and hard faced willing manners shown by angry adult manners.

    There is a standing in Israel that we must have a dream of Israel. This is not the dream of Israel and a neshama is to be scared into such face.

    Israel does not do its work by petitioning the public. Israel works by petitioning Hashem.

    Any cult organized public war displays to native change the sake of vote or constitutional worth in our dominion of good faith can be construed as harm to the youth of Jacob and the social significance of a Jewish universe.

    My vote no on the Satmars today. At least there was controversy in the election for not all jews who are chassic chose Mr. Trump. Seemingly there is a cause for the republican.

    Questionable Satmar tactics.

  18. To’eva flags in EY should cause everyone to have more and more respect for the Satmar Rov.
    Not saying burning israeli flags or meeting with leaders of Iran is smart but serious thought is needed to try and stop the israeli promotion of to’eva.

  19. I disagree with Satmar but even more with Matzav for posting this. Why is this newsworthy?? All it does is create hatredEspecially now just before Tisha B’av Matzav should have know better. Shame on you.

  20. if satmar people don’t like eretz yisroel. DO NOT BURN A FLAG IN FRONT OF STMAR GIRLS. YOU ARE TEACHING THEM TO HATE ERETZ YISROEL. You should be ashamed of your selfs

    • The girls are being thought to hate bareheaded atheist Zionist not the holy land which is being defiled by israeli gay parades.

  21. As a non jewish American some jewish friend sent me this clip. I see it’s a culture war between religious Jews and non religious Jews. It sounds more serious than the Arab Israeli conflict. Very interesting. Where can I find out more. Lisa


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